Across the street is a rose
So beautiful and admired by many
Unfortunately out of her admirers, she creates foes
As many who try to caress her get cut
I'm fascinated by her, for we are so alike yet so different.
She has as many foes as I do, but whiles my foes run away in fear, hers draw close to admire her.
My name is mentioned with disgust and scorn but hers with admiration.
We both try to hide the blood we shed, she just doesn't hide hers at all, whiles I hide the blood between my teeth by frowning which scares everyone, she keeps all the blood she sheds in her petals and wins everyone's admiration.

I keep staring at her,
I stared so much I caught her attention
Unfortunately, our alliance might not be healthy
For I scare away her admirers and those who are brave enough to stay attempt to murder me
I understand them for, If I stay with her too long, I block out the sunlight and kill her, if I get too excited I will stump on her and destroy her.

Like prisoners, we exchange glances across the street
Staying far away from each other so we can survive and gain longevity
With this teardrop, I toast to stories untold and hope our fate changes.

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