Her beauty, oh her beauty
She's got me feeling like the mirror in the fairy tale,
Cos each day all I can say is she is the fairest of them all.
But she's no sleeping Princess.

She's the one specially made by the gods
The woman who makes Aphrodites jealous.
Sent down to earth with numerous gifts.
Even the gods fall for her, how much more a mere human.

My brothers warned me but I did not heed to their advice
Now you've brought the evil upon my world.
You make me sick, hatred fills my heart now
But I take a look at you and smile my dear Pandora,
For I see the pain, fear and doubt.
Guess we all got something from that box.

Let's open the box one more time, what else could be in it?
Maybe my sins have reached Mount Olympus,
I'm ready for whatever that will come
Or maybe Zeus might have heard our cries and has placed something to take away our mysery .
Oh My dear Pandora 

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