I got introduced to his music when Mensa of Fokn Boys fame tweeted his song Bush Man which featured himself.
Yung Pabi is the man of the day.
Today I will revisit his Running with Men on Horses which came out in September 2019 and tell if it's worth listening to in 2020.
The 9 track Ep which includes an intro and outro began with the intro in which a man talks about a race which was about to happen. Then Yung Pabi shouts he wants to join the race. Now, the race has began:
Love you placed Yung Pabi in a religious status as he talks about love God has for human. He moves onto Guilt where he talks about how our mistakes could be hunting us even when we repent.
Sunshine saw Yung Pabi giving thanks to his creator. Humble beast as the name suggests saw the beast in Yung Pabi. He ups his pen game on this one unlike the Gospels that start the Ep.
In this life, it's either there is money, love or money as said by Lydia Forson on M.anifest's The Gamble Ep skit. Yung Pabi, I think drew inspiration from that coupled with legendary Rapper Kwadee style of rap delivered Wubotom. If your current situation does not favour you, you're allowed to move to better area where you would be favoured. Yung Pabi delivered on a similar analogy on Ko beebiRunning with men on horses which is the last song on the Ep talks about the struggles in the musical journey.
Same man who started the intro ended the Ep with the outro. He talked about we, the listeners being the spectators of Yung Pabi's race (music career) and we are the only people who could help Yung Pabi win this race.
Now, what do I think?  Running with Men on Horses is a beautiful conceptual Ep from Yung Pabi and it's worth listening to. Yung Pabi is geared for greatness in this industry.
Listen to the full Running with Men on Horses Ep below:

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