happy that at least the medicine is working.  In about 15 minutes time, things got out of hand. I started feeling very dizzy and the pain became so unbearable. At this point, I know that I was definitely going to lose my life. I decided to write a short note down for mum. At that ever moment I passed out.

My eyes got opened and I was in the hospital. A good Samaritan saw me unconscious and brought me to the hospital.
Unfortunate for me the pregnancy was still there.
I was sent to a psychologist for treatment. We were advised to let the family of Jojo know that their son has impregnated me. But I refused to let them know. I don't want a rapist as the father of my child. I don't want him involved in the life of my child.

Mum and I have to leave tema because the psychologist said the environment was not good for me. We moved to Nungua also in Accra. Life has not been easy at all. I had to sell on the streets at night and go to school at the same time. And with all that I was going through, there was only one mission on my mind. And the mission was simple, to look for Jojo and make life unbearable for him. To let him pay for all the things he has put I and my family through.

I completed school with straight A's. I topped in the country and made history as not only the first female student to get all A's but the first student to have made history in my school. I got a government scholarship to go and study law at one of the best Tertiary university in Ghana UPSA.

I had admission to the school, but was in my ninth month and close to delivery. In my ninth month, I was still selling on the street. Two weeks of being admitted to UPSA, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I decided to name the baby Anderson after my dad. Little Anderson has been nothing but joy in my life.  He was always smiling.

I completed UPSA and came out with a First class degree in law. But had to do another professional course for two years to become a qualified lawyer.
But decided to work for a while before I continue. All this time I have had a lot of men showing interest in me. But I have no time for any of them. I have a mission to accomplished. I have revenge to execute.

After working for a year I had the opportunity to travel abroad to further my education. But the issue was me leaving my son behind. I was going to miss him dearly. But had to go, and I was sure mum was going to take very good care of him.

So I travelled to the United States of America to study at Oxford University. I also had to work in order to cater for myself and send money home to my mum and son. Things were going well till I had...........

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