Everyone is wondering why there is so much corruption in Ghana. Talk about corruption and we are all looking at other people.
Today, Ghana is at the 80th position in the world on the corruption perception index. We have scored a degrading 41% by the recent report of Transparency International.

Everyone is looking at the politicians. The two main political parties are fighting to establish that they are better than the other. From where I sit, it's very funny. Yes, we are very funny as a country. A lot of us are stealing from our Bosses. We are cutting paths to get extra money illegally. Now the Police are not ashamed to ask for money openly. Today, to get a contract at any place. You will find out that big men will be asking for a percentage of your contract. Pastors are stealing from their church. We all know this, but we are behaving like hypocrites.
As for Politicians, the least said about them the better.

But my question is why are we all corrupt. Where did it start? Why will even men of God be corrupt?. Until we look for the root cause of this cancer, I believe Ghana will get to a point of no returns.
Now, this is what think. This is where I believe the seed of corruption is sown.

OUR SCHOOLS, yes you heard me right. Our educational system is the breeding grounds for corruption. You might think it a joke, but no it's real. And until we begin to critically structure our educational system, we will breed a lot of professional and educated corrupt people. Our educational system is only concern about passing.  You are a good student only when you pass your exams.

Now, look at this, over 99% of students from Primary to the university copy. I mean over 99% of students cheat in exams, including you. Yes, you the reader of this writeup. You now see what I'm seeing right.
In fact, the teachers and the lectures teaching us, are all product of cheating in an examination.

All these fine professionals, ministers, presidents and Religious leaders are all products of Corruption.
I am of the belief that it's in our schools that we get our souls tainted with corruption.

If we can cheat to get to the top to be noticed, what won't we do to maintain that status? Now in today's Ghana, it looks highly impossible to become rich and famous without corruption. Every arm of Government is corrupt. The executive, legislators, Judiciary, media, society and even our religion.
And it all starts with our schools. The place meant to make us better people, is making us better thieves.
We can't gross over this. We are already corrupt, let's admit it. But I think we have the chance to make sure our next generation gets it right. That is making our educational system better. Let's look beyond exams. Let's teach practical things. Life is not all about exams.
Ghana deserves a better educational system. I write as a Citizen, not a spectator.

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