Am in a state of dilemma; The man I have been looking for all my life is right here with me and instead of killing him or making him suffer for the damage he caused to me, I rather find myself loving him. Now my story.

My name is Rose, and I had an enviable upbringing till my whole life was destroyed by a guy called JoJo.
I am the only child of my parents. I was everything to them in this world. My parents were not rich, but I was treated like a Queen.
My parents thought me to respect everyone even people who were younger.

I was born in a town called Goldtown in the Central region, the people in the town were so loving and supportive. The whole town was like one big family.
My Dad was a teacher and thought at the only secondary school in Goldtown.

In the year 2000, my dad was transferred to Accra: Tema community 18 to be specific so my family had to relocate.
It was one of the difficult things for us but my dad had no choice.

I was 13 and I never passed without people stoping to look at me. Everyone was talking of my beauty.
I remember mum, trying to teach me a lot of things about guys and girls. She was teaching me about a lot of things that she thinks I need to know, so I don't get deceived by my peers and he-goat men.

When we went to Tema, it was a total different environment; the people there were something else. The area was like an estate and people were not really concerned about their neighbors.

I started schooling at Tema secondary school at age 13. I was the talk of the Town. All guys wants to be my friend and some ladies were so envious of me. Guys started to propose to me, including men that were old enough to be my father.

One day, mum sent me to buy some fruits for the house after school. On my way going, I saw 3 guys seatted at a distance, close to an uncompleted house. One of the guys run towards me and said, their Boss, wants to see me. I politely told him I have been sent by my mum and that I can't go with him to see his Boss. He then said nobody says no to their Boss. I smiled and said I am sorry but I can't go with him.
I walked quickly and went my way. I was enjoying the fame and the admirations.

On my way back home, I saw two guys following me, I thought it was usual.

I took a curve,this teo guys rushed on me. They will be in their twenties. One caught me by my neck and the other one carried me. The other person left my neck and use a piece of cloth to cover my face. I struggled but to no avail.
They took me to an uncompleted house and stripped me naked. They said if I shout, they will kill me.
One of the guys went to one of the buildings and came with a guy about my age, or just a little older than me.
One of the guys said Boss, your "meat is ready".
This shameless guy also took off his clothes and was coming close to me. I wanted to resist and he slapped me.
I was crying, but he does not even care. He RAPED ME MERCILESSLY. After he was done, he drop 50gh on the floor and went off with this Friend. I was left on the floor bleeding.

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