I spent close to a  week at the hospital, before I was discharged to go home. My parents never left my side. When I  got home the news was all over the town. I learnt the guy went around telling people he has broken my virginity.  I couldn't go out of my house. My friends from school were trooping into my house to verify if it was true.

Life as a victim of rape was just unbearable. I can't pass without people pointing figures at me.
Some will even laugh at me. All the smiles and happiness in me disappeared automatically. My dad lodged a police complaint. The police investigation showed that the boy who raped me was called Jojo the son of the Police inspector.
The inspector of police came to my house to see my parents and beg them to drop the case against his son. He said his son is a young boy who is under the influence of peer pressure from his friends.
My God-fearing Dad got angry and nearly slapped the police inspector. My dad shouted and said if it was his daughter that was raped he won't be here telling him that. He said to the inspector "Let the law work!!".
That evening I got tired of staying in the room, so I decided to go and visit a friend.
On my way, I got surrendered by guys numbering about eight. I heard the voice of the guy who raped me, saying he missed the way I was shouting when he was f*ckng me. Tears started to drop from my eyes. His friends started laughing at me. He ordered his guys to strip me naked. Before I could say jack, they rushed on me and took off my clothes. They held my legs and hands apart and covered my mouth. The Beast Raped me again. This time, I just closed my eyes and shed tears. Anger and hatred filled me. When he was done, the shameless thing said not even God can touch him. So I shouldn't border going to report him. From nowhere my dad appeared at the scene. He got so angry and slapped Jojo. Jojo the ordered his guys to beat up my dad.
I was on the floor and could awake up. I saw these boys best my dad till he was so weak and couldn't stand on his feet again.

I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital bed again. This time mum and dad were not by my side. I asked the nurse and she told me mum was with dad.
Later did I found out that dad couldn't make it. My dad has passed away.
Jojo and his gang have not only destroyed my life. But they have also killed the number one treasure in my life.

The Police never continued with the investigation. Mum reported the issue to the National police CID, but just before the investigation could start, Jojo was sent abroad.

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