I remember last year we tried to tackle the issue of depression (especially among men) with the article "Don't cry, commit suicide" : it went well except we can't just leave it there but remind you that "If you can't help yourself I think you need some help" as Kojo Cue said on "Never mind."
It's obvious most people ask "how are you doing" as if they care but do they really care? Save a relatives' life today, provide a shoulder for them to cry on, listen to their problems and help them solve them.
Do not let family be in this situation "Y3 se good morning a na y'agye so morning
How are you? Y3 se I am fine
Even when suicides on my mind
Ade yi me ka mpo a, ob3 ka s3 more vim," find a way to talk to them, find out what's wrong and stop thinking "We, Africans can't be depressed"
Dr Carnita Groves, a psychologist and professional counsellor, has revealed.
“Out of 10, probably four or five people at any given time will be suffering from depression because it is very prevalent,” he told Moro Awudu on Class FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, this has not changed.

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