Recently dropped The Sarkodie Element in the Christian flow though, with a unique style questioning "what is a building without having pillars, what is a country without having leaders and what is a Christian without knowing the scriptures?"

YAD thinks there is filth in the music (rap) industry and begins to wonder how it came about.
"If the music was just about sex, like I drop out 
If the music was just about beefs like asign out, sell out. Truth no di33 3b3 hye wo but I'll speak out. 
Look at what is happening in the industry? it's a pity. 
W)se any3 ndwom ankeka ewus3m a, ebesid3n edidi? Nti, wama music oreba nyinaa pii filthy ,cursed words, profane; greed and skin pain, cheating and violence bi all we portray. In fact it's a shame , cuz at the end of the day music affect everybody in the country in a way ,mpayinfo, moframa, yenyinara yeritei."

He tackles the issue of artists not supporting each other and goes on to talk about the quality of content artists put out for consumers to listen to
"Obrafour where is your sort, Cuz they claim they grew listening to you which I no be sure 
Cuz u did it better, did it clever, made the the hip life look so nicer, authentic Rapper, very dapper..."
In conclusion YAD ask that up and coming artists be given the chance and that they will not disappoint while comparing Ghana to Nigeria.
" Nigerians go and bring the awards, we applaud, cuz they deserve the more 
Enobi say them dey force pass we, thing be say we dey dull,
Even those who dey force for here no dey get the support"
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