In his heart, he knows he owes her an apology
She professed her love but He didn’t say it back
Instead, he pulled out a shield that made Captain America look like a rookie and vibranium like child’s play
I know  what you're thinking
He’s probably a coward
But can you call him a coward if the threat is real?
For each time she says I LOVE YOU, she thrust a knife into his heart
His heart bleeds
This is not just a figure of speech but the actual state of his heart after every “ I LOVE YOU”
Do you still consider him a coward?

      Today he stands at the crossroads and here he remembers a childhood rhyme “The Dilemma Of a Ghost”
And just like the ghost who couldn’t decide whether to go to Elmina or Cape Coast, he also can’t decide whether to drop his shield and get stabbed in the heart one more time which could be his last time.
 For his heart is not strong enough to survive or keep his shield up and preserve his life
So the question is
 Should he die brave or live a coward?

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