I met her for the first time at the clinic 
Her bright watery eyes and sparkling white smile made my heart skip 
I couldn’t move towards her or speak to her grasp and so I cried 
And then she came to me...ow wow I've struck gold 
I thought she was my nurse or maybe my doctor because her tender arms and beautiful smile were pouring all over me 
She left me in my slumber, ow I've had a lot of love so I slept with thoughts of passion 
I woke and my dad was here ,
I didn't know how long I've been in the clinic and I didn't know what caused my circumstance 
But wait...my dad had an interest in my Aphrodite and he had his attention to her
They seemed to know each other before me 
My heart broke as they held hands and looked happy 
I’m not strong enough to push or fit to move 
I could have caused a turmoil
Or a hurricane if I had the ability 
They both turned to me and smiled 
Hated to admit they looked as good as bread and butter, jollof and beef , Banku and okra?
My thoughts driven by the primal urge of hunger 
And so I cried harder 
Feed our baby 
The words of a the father To the mother 
The words that hit my tiny little thinker 
The woman I fell for was in fact my mother 

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