Don't know why I keep penning down these letters. Maybe silently I pray you get to read them though at times I'm so scared it will reveal so much.
But someday, one day, you may.
 Today I have come with a fight.
Remember we had Anthropology class together early on today and you actually sat next to me.
 Herh I was elated may be that is even an understatement. Yet throughout the class you never said a word to me.
It was like I didn't even exist.
At first I thought you were in a bad mood and didn't want to talk until you answered a question and made a shared  joke with the class. I think I laughed the hardest. Then I started waiting, giving JoROMI signals, stealing glances and looking in your direction more than it is permissible. Trust me I'm an expert so you would not notice.
Finally, class ended and I had to leave for the next class. So I staged another plot way better than that of the assassins of Julius Ceaser. In the hall way as you were coming I lowered my head with my eyes on phone just so I could bump into you. Then Guess what I hit your friend because apparently you guys had switched positions in the course of your conversation. Naah, I am still thinking about it. How come it went wrong?
Have been rethinking the whole day and then thought of letting you know with this letter. Please don't get mad just that next time please pay attention small wai. 

Yours truly in depression.

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