The days came and went and soon its a Friday of the 3rd week. Assignments are by now the order of the day spiced with a few presentations.
Entering one class, I heard some sort of heated argument going on at the back of the class. From the exchanges, I deduced that it was on the ongoing UEFA Champions League so just ignored.
I settled on one of the front row seats and tried to prepare for the class. Just then I heard one of them hailing someone who just joined the conversation. By now a small crowd had formed.
Looking back I noticed him again. Laughing boisterously and explaining something with some confidence that made everyone seem to listen. There was something about the way he spoke that got my attention.
 I couldn't tell if it was his tone or fluency but something was definitely leaving an effect on me.
Soon the lecturer walked in and the crowd dispersed. The class continued with normalcy but I couldn't shrug off what I felt.

One time he walked in late and decided to sit by me. Here! it was a long day.
But afterwards, it got me thinking. Am I hooked? oh no don't let this be true
Oh, diary, you are my only confidant but the sad truth is I think I am crushing on Mr. Fine.

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