Before you even start to read this piece, please don't judge me. I am trying hard to figure out what I should do in this my confused state. Now my Story

I'm Kate a newly wedded woman. My husband is  very good and responsible but I'm  in love with another man. This is how it all started.

5years ago my friend Bell invited me to a cooperate dinner. I couldn't say no because it promised to be fun. And in fact, I knew I will get a lot of attention from most of the single men and even some of the married men under the dinner.
I was only a 23-year-old graduate and also very beautiful.
Bell even told me, that was where she met her boyfriend and all the fun associated with their meeting under the dinner. I simply can't wait for that day to come. It was eight different companies coming together for that dinner. And top government officials including the President attends the dinner.
Bell and I went for shopping exclusively for dinner. At the boutique, we simply didn't know what to buy. Everything was nice but not fit for the dinner in our eyes.
We were thinking of how other ladies will dress to the program, and we can't allow ourselves to be looked down upon (only ladies can relate to what am saying).

Now the D-day was finally here. The dinner was at 5 pm. Bell and I started dressing like 6 am. We just didn't know what to do to ourselves.
 We finally decided on what to wear. Even at 6pm, our makeups was still not good for us.

We got to dinner at 8:30 pm. We were the last people to arrive at the dinner.
We were sent to our table where we sat with 4 guys.
Bells boyfriend was part of them.
All the other guys started hitting on me. As each of them tried very hard to impress me. It was so fun. Even the water I will drink, a guy will rise and take it for me. I felt like a superwoman. (I know fresh ladies can relate).

I got up to walk around because the rivalry between the guys was becoming too much. They were all handsome thou. But none of them was my taste.
That was when I realized other guys were just waiting for me to walk out of my seat to also make advances at me.
You will see all manner of men trying hard to catch my attention. I was saying to myself" herr Kate, you are damn beautiful).

I decided to go out of the hall to the spacious compound. I turned to signal Bell that I was going out, only to bump into someone. My purse fell to the ground and he went on his knees to pick it for me. The guy was tall, I had to lift my head to see his face. The guy was extremely handsome. His eyes were like the star. His hair....oh my God, I thought I had seen an angel. I just can't get words to describe this guy. I melted under his breath. I stood there like a frozen chicken. What killed me was when he picked the purse and touched me on the shoulders and said "Am sorry miss, my bad I was on my phone" I couldn't even open my mouth. Before I could come back to myself he was far gone. I just can't believe my eyes at the same time I can't control the rate at which my heart was beating. I kept asking myself if I was not dreaming. My whole body became cold at once. I just want him to touch me again. I want him to squeeze me in his arms. Nothing else matters again in life. He was the only thing I desire.
I decided to look for him.

I entered back to hall. I saw him among some dignitaries talking. I went very close to them. So I stood a point, facing him. I pretended as if I was busy on my phone and sipping some drink.

The men started to talk personally. One of the men tapped him and said Jerry you doing very well. Your dad has been praising you always.... he smiled and said Thank you, sir.
The man continued, you have achieved a lot for yourself, the country needs people like you. Why won't you join us in politics like your father? He smiled again and said, "Sir politics is a no go area for me". Another man said Jerry I learnt you don't even have a girlfriend at your age.
My eyes were wild open automatically. I forgot I was in a public space.
He laughed and said, I can see my mum has been talking a lot.

Now I started doing things to catch his attention. But he will simply not look at me.
He excused himself to attend to something and I was strategising how to make my move on him. Only for one lady to come and hag him. She placed a kiss on his cheek.
"Jerry why are you not hounring my invitations," she said. I don't have time Akua. And besides, I don't want to have any problems with your boyfriend. He walks away from her. When I tried to approach him, someone held me from behind and said Kate we have to go. It was Bell, my friend. The guys are taking us somewhere romantic.
I was not happy and Bell could see it. She asked why my mood.
I told her I have found the love of my life. She burst out into big laughter pulling all attention to us. You in love with who in a very loud voice. I started feeling shy.
I faked a laughter too and said I was just joking.
Bell entered his boyfriend's car and a guy called Prince took me in his car.

Prince was trying hard to engage me in a conversation but all my attention was on Jerry my mysterious Crush.
I told Prince to take me home instead with the excuse that I was not feeling well. Prince obeyed and was soo worried about me. Asking what he should do? If he should take me to a hospital. I said no, that I just needed to rest. He took me home and sent me straight to my room. He made me lay down and covered me with my blanket. He said, "baby am in the hall, will not leave you till Bell comes". Oh, such a poor thing. If only he knew he won't be here babying me.

Since that dinner, my life has not been the same. I always see Jerry in my dreams. I started to even daydream about him. Went around looking for my Jerry. Only to hear he has travelled out of the country.
I learnt he had companies across the globe. All attempts to get his personal contact failed. The guy was a big guy.
I am also a big girl I always told myself. I was not after his money at all.

Prince was always there for me. He became a very good friend of mine. Prince is the type of guy you would call a perfect gentleman.
He keeps telling me how he loves me. But I keep turning him down. But he will never leave. Prince will say I know you are mine and I have all the time.
 I have been wasting all my time chasing my Mysterious prince charming. There was one time I met him. But he was soo busy and couldn't wait for me to recover from my wonderland. He said miss, I love to hear you personally. But as you can see am very busy. Please, my secretary will attend to you or come on Friday I think I will be less busy to attend to you. I just sat there speechless. All the rehearsal I did before coming to see him had vanished into thin air. When I came out of my his company I kept asking myself why do I always look this foolish any time I come into contact with Jerry. He also has no eye for me. Prince and other guys will kill to have me. But he will not even notice me.
I told myself never again will I treat myself like that again. 3years of chasing a man that has no eye for me was enough.
But it was not easy. Jerry was like my shadow. I have falling in love with a man that does not even know I exist. I was always dreaming and thinking of him.
I sometimes cry at night. Asking God why was I feeling this way towards I man I can never have.

One day I told myself enough was enough. The heart is mine and not the other way round. No Jerry nonsense again. It's over and besides, I was growing old. I was not growing any younger. My family is on my neck to marry. All of them wonder why I keep rejecting Prince.
One day I confided in my mum, and she told me, love grows. She says she understands how I feel. Because she has been young as me before. And that when she married my dad she was not that madly in love with him. But we time she learned to love him above all things expert God. Kate give Prince a chance, that guy really loves you. And am sure he will make you happy.

One faithfully day, prince took me out to a very romantic location called Jaydens palace. After we got there we were ushered to our reserved table. After a short while, he looked into my eyes and said Kate I have been chasing you for 4years now. And you have constantly said you only see me as a friend. I will be hitting 30yrs next year and you 28.
I want to Propose to you for the last time and if you still say no. I will respect your decision and leave you alone. I will look for someone else no matter how I feel. I cant pass 30yrs without marrying. I don't want to die and leave my kids. I want to see them grow and settle before I die.
I looked into his eyes and I knew he was right.
I told him, Prince, I will marry you. He said what did you just say Kate. I smiled and said Prince I say I will Marry you.
Prince came out of his chair and carried me and started screaming.

Prince and I were in a relationship for almost a year. We got married just last 3 months.

Immediately we got married like 2weeks, Prince lost his Job at the Bank due to the cleanup exercise by the Bank of Ghana.
Prince was one of the managers of the Royal Bank and also a board member. So he was even under investigation by the bank of Ghana.

I had to look for a job to support my husband. Because the Restaurant I was operating was sold to pay some loans Prince took from his bank.
I wrote an application to several companies in the country. I am a masters holder in public relations. Upon several searches, I got a call from Kings diamond limited. The leading company in the mining of Diamonds on the continent.
I went through a successful interview and was given the job.
I was giving the position of Personal Assistance to the CEO.
I was told the CEO was out of the country and will be back in a weeks time. The General manager took me through orientation throughout that week. My job will be to travel with him throughout the country when he comes and when keep him updated of all his schedule. I was told he has other companies in the country.

One day I was in my office when I was told the CEO was in and will want to see me. That was the first time I will be entering his office. A very big office I just couldn't wait to enter.
I went in with the General manager and lo and behold this was me face to face with my mysterious crush Jerry. My hands were at my back as I entered the office. Upon seeing him I didn't know what came over me I just took off my ring. And pushed it into my pocket. I just couldn't stop looking at him. My foolishness was back again.

He said .....  such a beautiful person. I hope she is not married. The general manager was about saying I was. Then I quickly said no sir please am single.
The General manager was like but I saw a ring on your hand during the interview and that was why we picked you. I said I just put it on my fingers. He was about saying something again when Jerry said Kwame its enough. You embarrassing the Lady.
I gave you guys a simple task and you guys failed. I wanted a married woman. Because they look very responsible.
But all, not the same I like her. And something tells me its time for me to look for a wife.
Upon hearing that ...I could feel my heart rejoicing.

Days went by and I am falling-in-love with Jerry more and more. We sometimes go to launch at places and we chat. The more I know him, the more I fall for him.
I have also realized that Jerry was also falling for me small.
Oneday I came home and Prince noticed my ring was not on my figure. He said bab, where is your ring. I panicked, but still managed to give him a beautiful lie.
I said honey, I took it off today when I fell and hurt my figure. He said ooooh let me see. He starting blowing air on it for me and treating me like a child. Pampering me like I was the only woman on earth but my mind was on Jerry.
I also realize Prince and I have been fighting of late. And its all due to my feeling for Jerry.

I have been working for Kings diamond limited for 2months now and it has not been easy for me at all. I keep falling for Jerry each passing minutes. Even if he travels outside we keep talking not only about work but personal.
Just last week I kissed Jerry. And when I ran into my office he followed me. Before I could open my mouth he kissed me passionately. And said Kate, I think I love you. Will you please want to be my wife.
I wanted to jump and say yes. Then I remembered am a married woman. In fact a newly wedded woman. My husband has been nothing to me but a loving man.
Jerry was waiting for an answer. Tears started to drop from my eyes. Why now Jerry. He started moving towards me. I could feel the whole world coming down on me. I just took my bag and ran out of the office. I entered my car and drove off.

How do I come out of this? I'm married to a nice man but I'm  in love with another.

I want to stop work. But how will i feed my family?
 what would I even tell Prince is the reason why am stopping the work?
What should I do? Its been 3days now and I have not gone to work. Jerry keeps calling and prince keeps asking why I'm at home.

Please suggest a solution to me after reading my story. Don't judge me, please. Help a sister!


  1. Hmmm....she should just focus on making her marriage work out with Prince and forget Jerry.

  2. Thank you soo much. Will take it into consideration

    But this is a matter of Love..... now she even love him more than before..... hmmmm

  3. I think she should tell Prince about the whole story

    1. I think you should tell your husband about everything. If he really is the person you are saying he is, he will take it easy in you and he is going to understand your situation

  4. i think she should tell the husband about it or forget about Jerry and move on with his husband


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