Showbiz is supposed to be how real entertainment can be mixed with business to enable one monitize or generate revenue for the creativity and talents.
Sometimes I wonder if Ghanaians have the most problems in the world these days because a country that is blessed with lots of talent has become a breeding place for jokers.
I am not against comedy neither am I against being funny but seeing my motherland giving so much attention to jokers make my heart bleed.
This is kinda of making our showbiz a mockery in the eyes of the world.
You cast your mind back when empawa by Mr Eazi unveiled the talent of one young gem called J. Derobie and we were all excited but if given the opportunity to make something popular we prefer to give attention to Shatta bundle , Supa , Mr Eventuarry and more but would charge so high to help talents with great potentials.
May be the country is so depressed that we only need comical characters to help us forget our problems.
Otherwise why would an event like emerging music Awards have such a low attention but comical, joking , funny looking items take all the attention of our mainstream media?
My thought though.
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