In our desire to look good, we gave our all
The grind was beautiful when we started, It was all we could talk about
We took pride in it, we paid the price
We put in the time and our strength so we could live our dreams.

Standing here today, we've seen our dreams manifest into reality
It feels weird though, cos half of the folks we shared the dream with are missing
Yes we made it, we opened doors, but for each door opened we lost a couple of loved ones
Now we are in a room full of people yet we are more insecure than when we started.

We wanted to live our dreams but now it feels we are living in a dream
We second guess every move cos we are scared it will be the one that wakes us up
Now we get pissed whenever we hear Omar sterlins line " there's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success" cos it feels he is mocking us.

I reminisce about the old days
There wasn't much but we were happy, a luxury I can no longer afford
The whole team was around and there was no need to wonder why they were there.
There wasn't a need to fake smiles or shake anyone we didn't want to
I miss the old days, nothing was right but everything was perfect.

What's success without people to share it with
But I guess there is a price to pay and this is ours
Hopefully, all who lost their way on the come up will make it to the top too.

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