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Written by :Abike💋

Episode four and five💄
📝 Jare's POV📝
So I was walking with Torera to this almighty prince, I wonder what he think of himself,is he God,of course he is not,but it really sounds stupid that a new student must see him before he or she can stay peacefully in this school
Jare:But what if no one told me to visit him?I mean if I wasn't aware that there is someone I need to see in this school before I can live in it peacefully?
Torera:Then you are in big shit
Jare:But why am I visiting him, why gretting him, is he a cultist?
Torera:Hell no,cultist? he will never allow cultist in this school,not allow but he is more scary than a cultist,and before he was a very lovely and lively person but things have really really change ' Kelvin's car approaching towards Torera and Jare, he stopped beside them, he got down from the car
Torera:Where is your bae?
Kelvin:I dropped her at home already and you have you seen Prince
Torera:No not yet, we are just heading to his place but I don't know where he could be for now maybe the school club or the pool or the bar, or maybe your gym house, I don't know but I went to your gym house and pool but he is not there
Kelvin:I guess he is at the club house then cause after I dropped Ife I went to the bar but I found just Taiwo and Kenny there, so am sure he is in the club house, come inside I will drop you both
Torera:Oh thank you so much
They all enter into the car while Kelvin drove out, fifteen minutes later they got to the club, some group of boys are drinking but no one is smoking cause it wasn't allow, Kelvin and the two girls came down from the car they walked in, Torera is a bit scared while Jare is a lot scared and she is ready to pee in her pant, as Kelvin walked in some guys hail him and he gave them all handshakes,Kelvin was surprised to see the twins sitting at thier high table with five chairs round it
Kelvin: Thought I left you guys at the bar,are you guys doing magic?
Kenny:The moment you left we also came here,the bar is so dry
Taiwo:You know people are preparing for the upcoming party in two days,girls are busy shopping and guys are busy shopping too'They all laugh'
Kenny:And beside exam is coming up so students are really busy for the exam and party
Kelvin:Where is prince?
Kenny:He is inside'Kenny called one of the ladies moving around serving drink to call prince, she went in and after five minutes she came out with prince whose two hands is in his pocket, the first person prince is going to see when he came out was Jare and Jare also was speechless when he saw him, he was putting on a white top with a black jean trouser and a black shoe with a golden wrist watch and two golden necklace, a diamond ear ring on his left ear, his hair cut in afro, he has a very cute eyes lovely eyebrow with a cute round artificial pink lips, He sat down while he and Jare continue staring at each other
Taiwo:Do you guys know each other?
Kelvin: Kelvin sat down and said'Of course not they don't, anyway prince she is the new student, 'Prince sat down next to the empty chair, he took his mobile to make a call but seems the caller is not picking it
Kelvin:Who are you calling?
Prince: Actually I missed a call from sis jarin and I wonder why she called me, I am trying to call her back but she is not picking up her call'Prince dropped his phone on the table he move closer to Jare who was now putting her head down but when jare saw him moving near her she move back bit by bit
Prince:I hope you know that if you take one more step you will fall down'Jare look back to see that she is moving back to the stairs they climb before coming to the high table seat, everyone's eyes are on prince and Jare, prince continue staring at her then suddenly he removed her hair band, Jare's hair fell down to her shoulder everyone was surprised including Torera,prince was just surprised and staring at her, Jare quickly brought out another hair band from her bag to pack her hair but prince collected it from her
Prince:Do you need to be punish, I removed it because I don't want it is it difficult to understand?
Jare:Am sorry
Taiwo:Oh my God! Guys guy guys! I am going through the school page right now , guess what? Gold is coming home
Kenny:Oh no no no 'Prince gave jare her two bands he walked in while Kelvin gave them a sign to leave immediately, when they got out
Torera:Oh m gee! What was that, is that your hair
Jare:Ummm, something like that,
Torera:I was about to freeze in there
Jare:me too, but there are five chairs there, but a chair is empty, the chair is for who?
Torera:The chair is for the person they mentioned earlier that he is coming home
Jare:Who is he?
Torera:The son to who owns this school and a younger brother to the one who is heading this school and the most craziest guy in this school and the best enemy to prince, his name is Gold,do you wanna listen to the story about this school
Jare:Of course I want to
Torera:Come over let's sit there to discuss 'They both sat down under a big tree'Firstly the school was lively before, hope you know that this school is having a secondary school but the secondary school is not here,it's located at another site, so it was during the secondary school days all these issues started so when Mr Samson allow gold to finished his secondary school before he sent him to abroad, you see prince and gold were best of friend, they really like each other and they have a lot of things in common, firstly they are both left users, everything they do they do it with left hand,and if thier hand is not busy you find thier two hands in thier pocket, that's part of thier style, they love to put thier hands in thier pocket, they love the same food, they are both allgeric to anything strawberry, if you are going to kill them just give them anything that has to do with strawberry, thier favorite color is the same, white is thier favorite color, they both pick on every student, infact they do things together, the other three guys are Kenny taiwo and Kelvin, those three are different from those two but they have just one thing in common with them and that is left hand, sometimes people call them left users, anyway let's forget about that, then suddenly a lady came in to gold's life, gold fell in love with her but she was never in love with gold, she left gold for the president son Simon, it's not like Simon is handsome or cute more than Gold, and it's never like he has money more than Gold, sometimes we lady are greedy she only wants to have fame that was why she dated Gold, she later told Gold that she has never love him but she love Simon instead, Prince got mad at this so he went ahead to see Simon but you know Simon is also rich they had to let him be, gold was down for complete a year, during that one year he spent four months in hospital, then suddenly gold started acting bad, he started flirting a lot he broke so many girls heart, I won't lie to you cause then I was crushing on gold too, Ife was the biggest fan of gold she really really love him but he never do
Jare:You mean Kelvin girlfriend?
Torera:Of course yes, so as I was saying, prince got mad at gold for acting in a bad way, suddenly a lady came in, oh I forget to tell you the name of the lady who wrecked gold her name is beauty
Jare: Beauty
Torera: Don't mind her parents they named her beauty but she was not all thanks to make up 'the two girls laugh out'So a girl came in, her name is jadesola, prince fell in love with Jade but Jade never love him, but she love gold, and as we all know that gold was a player then suddenly we heard that he and jadesola are dating, prince gave gold a warning not to hurt her like others even though gold was only venting his anger on ladies, gold told prince that he is not hurting anyone and he has never plan to hurt Jade and Jade is fully aware that he is not the one having issue here and if he love Jade he should go for her but prince doesn't have the courage to ask a lady out and beside Jade is his first love, then suddenly we heard the news that jadesola was dumped by gold and she has been depressed so she was admitted for two weeks in the hospital, prince had to beat up gold and then gold fought him back since then the club, pool, bar, gym in fact the whole school couldn't contain them, when they set their eyes on each other they will fight and gold keeps on saying that he has never hurt jadesola and Jade can testify to that, he said she knew about the whole story, but prince got mad cause he later gather his courage to ask Jade out but he was rejected since then prince and Gold became enemies until gold was sent to abroad and now he is coming back home to do his final year in this school cause he has been schooling over there before, I wonder what's going to happen now, and beauty is no more dating Simon, she has turned to something else, she is now dating big men so also Jade, but Jade and beauty despise each other so much and sometimes they make some girls life hard so much, if you are looking for prince weakest point it is jadesola because he still love her and if you are looking for Gold's weak point that is Beauty ...
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