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Written by :Abike💋

Episode nine and ten💄
📝 Writer's POV📝
They were both served a plate of fried rice with roasted chicken and two cups of orange juice each, they were both sitting staring at each other, Jare spoke silently to Torera to let them leave immediately
Jare:Torera let's leave here, let's go I can't watch this please 'As they were about to stand up prince said
Prince:No one must leave here everyone should sit 'The two girls sat down immediately
Torera:I think I will need to message Kelvin, I guess he will still handle them a bit

Kelvin's flat
He got home with ife, a guard rushed down to open the door for Ife while Kelvin walked in angrily, Ife followed him
Ife:My Google, babe, baby am sorry
Kelvin:Wait why are you sorry, so what if I wasn't there, do you realize that she is going to slap you, so if she slap you, are you telling me that you don't know what will happen to you, and you know your condition, you were suppose to visit your doctor before you went to your class today, but you don't, the doctor called me telling me that he is expecting you, I was surprised like my girlfriend left me on bed this morning, I mean you left the house so early this morning, I tried to call you but your phone was ringing beside me, you forgot your phone again, I don't know if you don't need your phone anymore just let me know I will give it to someone else, you know your condition, you know you are allgeric to hard things or work, you are allgeric to anything that deals with stress, your bones are not strong, you know how you breathe if things stressed you out, so what if beauty slapped you and you fainted,what do you want me to do,do you think I will be fine,I was expecting you to be taken to the hospital by one of the guards then straight to the school,then when you finished I will pick you up, but I was told that you drove alone to school,your friends are having breakfast,but babe you were just having a cup of juice for God'sake Ife, this is about you,if anything happens to you,I don't think I can bear it
Ife:'Almost shedding tears'Kelvin you are shouting on me
Kelvin:Of course am not,am just scared,Ife you kn..'His phone ring while he picked it up'Hello Torera, What?Gold and prince are there, goodness! Ok am coming right now, thanks and you stay indoor through out today or else no party for you tomorrow, Nike! James!'Both ran in'Am going to the school right now, Nike make sure she eat something, even if it is just three spoons make sure she eat something and she must take her drugs and you she must not leave this house, if I should come back and I am unable to find her, consider yourself as a dead person,you guys can go, When I come back I will take you to the hospital, bye!
Ife:Is that all
Kelvin:Of course that's all cause am still mad at you, no kiss for you
Ife:Not even an hug'Kelvin had no choice but to hug her and kiss her, he left immediately

Back to school eatery
Prince:Why are you not eating
Gold:You don't get it
Prince:Get what?
Gold: That I am waiting for the elder brother to eat first
Prince:So you just realized that I am your older brother
Gold: Fool, we were both born on the same day
Prince:Fool, but I was two hours older than you
Gold: Does that make any different to you?
Prince:Yes it does cause you can't buy that two hours'He took his spoon to eat a spoon of rice Gold also do the same, prince drank a little bit from his juice, gold also do the same
Prince:It seems like you are following my footsteps now
Gold:'He smirk and rest his back on the chair, he said'of course yes I was just wondering how stupid you are and how stupid I will be if I should follow this steppings of yours
Prince: What? 'Angrily prince use his left hand to split gold's food on the table while gold stares at him for a minute then suddenly gold use his leg to shake table which made the prince drink to splash on him a bit as they were about to punch each other, Jare quickly close her eyes with her two hands but they were stopped by Kelvin's voice
Kelvin:Are you guys crazy, what's the meaning of all this? Since four years ago you guys are seeing each other just now, so you think fighting is the first thing, are you guys crazy don't you think  it's too early for that, believe me on this, if you guys should fight right now I will go to the club, bar, gym, every single place we have joint,I will go there and I will take away my chairs and you won't see me again,I swear on my mother's grave'Kelvin left immediately angrily while Gold walked out angrily on his way his eyes went straight to where Jare was sitting, he entered his car and zoom off, while prince also do the same
 Jare at her work of place, she works in the supermarket as a sales girl, suddenly Kenny and prince came in, she  was shocked but it was too late to hide
Kenny:You, are you working here?
Jare:Y.. yes I work here sir, what do you want to buy please?
Kenny:How are you paying for the fees in school if you are working here,
Jare:It's .. I .. actually.. we... It's scholarship sir
Kenny: Scholarship?
Jare:Yes sir
Prince:I need this items, 'He gave her a list of an item but as she was about to collect the list of an item from him, thier hands touched each other, Jare was shocked she collected the list of items gently she grabbed a trolley to put in the items she walked away while prince was only staring at her
Kenny: Prince is everything ok?
Prince:I don't know but I think there are a lot of things about this girl, that's all

Jare was sitting alone outside at night, she received a call from Torera that she will come over to her place to prepare for the party, the moment she hanged up Gold's car drove, she immediately ran Inside but Gold saw her, The next day Jare went to Torera's house, she met her mom, while they both got dressed, Torera gave jare a wine dinner gown with a silver shoe, bag and necklace, she was forced to brush down her hair
Kelvin's flat
Ife was lying on the bed while Kelvin was dressing up in a white trouser and white top with a black jacket and white shoe
Ife:But I want to go
Kelvin:Babe you can't, you just had your medicine and beside you are too weak for now, the doctor asked you to rest, there is always another time Ife, you are also aware that you don't have energy for all this, so stay at home and rest, you know I love you, or else do you want me to call your dad to let him know
Ife: common stop, I am not going I was only joking

At the party, everywhere was crowdy and noisy, the dj keeps on playing songs, some guys are drinking, some guys with thier girlfriends are kissing,some girls are dancing, Prince was sitting alone with Kenny and Taiwo, a lady came in while taiwo stood up and said
Taiwo:This one is mine
Prince: Crazy guy'They all laugh, Kelvin's car drove in, he got down from his car and went straight to thier seat
Kenny:Haha where is your babe?
Kelvin:She can't make it cause she is sick
Prince:Hope she is taking her medicine very well
Kelvin:Of course she is'Suddenly Gold's car drove in, his two hands in his pockets as he walked straight to thier seat he gretted Kelvin with Kenny and he sat down, prince was staring at him while gold was also looking at him, suddenly they took of thier eyes on each other, thier eyes went straight down to the party, it was Beauty and Jade's car that came in differently, they both hiss on each other and went to sat down on a different seats
Kenny:Hmmm, thier weak points are here'kelvin and Kenny smile,Suddenly Simon, Beauty's ex boyfriend's car also drove in with a girl beside him, Gold got mad immediately but he cool down immediately his eyes went straight to Jare coming in with Torera, so also prince eyes went straight to Jare, the two guys were both lost staring at jare, beauty and Jade including Kelvin and Kenny notice this except for the students and Jare with Torera who doesn't notice this, Kelvin said
Kelvin:Guys, you are staring at one girl at the same time, and I think beauty and jadesola is watching you'They both snapped out of thier thinking while thier eyes went straight to Jade and Beauty....
Episode eleven and twelve loads tomorrow morning🥰🥰🥰
Guys what will happen in the party?
Watch out!!!

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