Just You🤷‍♀🥰
Written by:Abike💋

Episode seven and eight💄
📝 Writer's POV📝
Jare couldn't believe her eyes when he walked up to her
Gold: Listen to me very  carefully and I will say this just once, I know you are attending my school, but get this clear ,so far that you are living in my house doesn't give you any damn authority to speak to me in school and at home let this conversation be the last conversation between I and you, when you see me don't greet me and don't talk to me,I hope you get that, goodnight'He left immediately while Jare was surprised
Jare:Is this guy mad or something,who wanna speak with him before,who did he think he is?
Gold was laying down on his bed, he flashed back what he just told Jare and he flashed back the way she came in with her hair on her shoulder, Mr Samson came in
Mr Samson: tomorrow you are going with guards
Gold:Of course not
Mr Samson:Of course yes, because I can't afford you and prince fighting this time around, I wonder why you can't finish your  school over there ,it's just a year left for you to finish,I wonder why you want here 
Gold:And that is because I want to finish it here that was why I got the transfer
Mr Samson:And what about the company?
Gold:And that is because am fucking tired of that company, the load is too much for me
Mr Samson:Do you realize that the company is not mine but yours?
Gold:Of course I know and that was why I left a white and a Nigerian to take care of it for me, and tomorrow no bodyguards
Mr Samson:Of course there will be guards because I don't know what you and prin..
Gold:Dad!you made mention of that name in the first place I think of it as a mistake when you said it, Dad I think if the name should sound again, it won't look funny and no guard tomorrow and am not causing any issue, goodnight

Senator's house
Senator:I asked you to visit me because I learnt that gold is b
Prince:Dad stop, stop it, I know he is back and stop mentioning that name, it brings out a lot of bad thing in me, just tell me the reason why you called me here that's all
Senator:I can see that the pain from four years ago is still there, I wonder what will happen if you see each other, you need your guards right now
Prince:Dad are you for real, are you really joking with me right now? I don't need any guard so please tell them to stay far away from me because I don't need any guard and am not gonna cause any problem with anyone

The next day at school, Torera, Ife and Jare are having thier lunch in the school eatery
Torera:Gold is back Ife
Ife:For real, oh my God is Kelvin not here, have you seen Gold, is he still cute as before, oh my gee,not now, Prince is hoting right now, ehy! Its gonna be season film o
Torera: Exactly o, anyway are you going to the party tomorrow?
Ife: Of course yes and you?
Torera:yes I will,And what about you Jare
Jare:No am not 
Ife:Oh my gee! you have too it's just School party we do that two times in a month, common it's going to be lovely and fun
Torera:Try to come am sure you will love it, assuming Ife is going alone now i wont ask you to go cause you will be bored and she will be roaming about with her boyfriend
Ife:What do you mean by that? Speaking of an Angel where is my Google i miss him
Torera: Wait, don't you sleep together before you left the house this morning?
Ife:Of course why not, but I miss him now
Jare:Sorry are you living together with him?
Ife:Yes, are we not cute like that?
Jare:Of course you are, I love that
Ife:Awwwn, thank you baby, unlike some people
Torera:Are you talking to me?
Ife:Of course not you but Torera
Torera:Eh guys Beauty is coming'Beauty was approaching with two of her friends, she walked passed jare and friends but she later move back and stopped beside them
Beauty:New student right? You see you don't look rich to me, because what you are wearing is just too common and cheap so how come you are able to cope with the school fees? what's your parents job?huh?
Ife:Beauty can you please just walk away?
Beauty:I wasn't talking to you
Ife:And you are talking to my friend here
Beauty:Oh she is your friend, oh gosh!well you guys are not different, since you always act so childish, I wonder why Kelvin fell in love with you when there are a lot of beautiful and classic girls in town
Ife:Do you want to know why he fell in love with me?
Beauty:Of course I want to know baby doll
Ife:That is because I have what you don't have which is sense
Beauty:W.. what? You bitch.. She wanted to raise up her hand to slap her but she was stopped by Kelvin's voice
Kelvin:Beauty' Everyone was shocked beauty was a bit shocked too, 'Escuze me what are you trying to do, to slap my girlfriend? And you think I will take it with you,You know I don't take that shit, let it be the first and last you will try to raise your hand to slap her, don't try shit with my girlfriend, babe let's go, He hold her hand and said' Torera hi, Jare are you ok?
Jare:Of course yes
Kelvin:See you guys later, 
Torera:oh ok'He left immediately with Ife while beauty walked out angrilly with her friends
Jare:Escuze me what just happened?
Torera:No one dare touch Ife, no guy and no lady dare touch her, no one is ready to see the other side of Kelvin, he doesn't get angry but if he do, he goes crazy, infact he is more crazy than prince and gold but he doesn't show it and beside ife's Dad is the chief of army 
Torera:Of course yes
A lady:Hey guys Gold's car is coming
Students:Oh my God, it's a lie, it's him, wow!'Gold came down from the car with his two hands in his pocket, taiwo and Kenny car drove in they got down, they gave gold an handshake, while Gold's eyes met with Jare, she immediately took off her eyes on him
Taiwo:It's been a long time bro
Kenny:Wow! I feel like smacking because you left without letting us to know,no notice at a
Taiwo:Of course yes,it was all of a sudden
Gold only smile at them
A guy:Oh my God, it's prince, prince is coming'Everyone got freeze, some students left quietly, some are waiting to see what will happen, Prince came inside the eatery he stopped walking facing gold both staring at each other
Gold:Is that the way to welcome a visitor beside I learnt that new student always have to visit you first I never knew that you have new rules here,so you changed the rules and regulations
Prince:Of course not,there are still rules and regulations but I only upgraded it and to your America that you went is your sense over there or you are unable to be teach how to greet people that are older than you?
Gold:'He smirk and said'I learnt that new student have to visit you first but am surprise that you are the one visiting me right now,do you change the rules or your sense are no more working for you to wait till I come over to say hi as a new student
Gold:You heard me right
Prince:'He smirk and said'Get us our favorite food I will like to have lunch with this guy,I think he have a lot of things to say to me
Taiwo:Prince stop you don't nee..'Prince cut in and shouted
Prince:Get the damn food right now!
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What do you think guys?
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