Just You🤷‍♀🥰
Written by:Abike💋

Episode six💄
📝 Jare's POV📝
I was just speechless today, but come to think of it, I think gold was really down, I guess that was why he was like that and prince was hurt because the one he love was hurt by his best friend, there is no one to blame to this issue, but seriously if this guy should come back it's gonna be too hard for students, but seriously why would that guy removed my hair band, seriously if not for my dad I would have cut half of this hair I wonder why my mum have this kind of hair before she died and am sure I got this hair from her and my grandma, I was in my room resting, thinking about the whole day, from the prince to the story torera told me, to sister jarin, infact the aunty is too kind and gorgeous, she was so nice to me today and friendly,ife and kelvin really look cute together,they got no problems,ife is really lucky to have kelvin same to kelvin,i wish them the best
' Jare's dad rushed in happily and Jare got scared
Jare:Dad you scared me
Jare's dad:Mr Samson son is back
Jare:W.. what? You mean gold?
Jare's dad:Of course yes and beside,how do you know his name? Actually Mr Samson asked you to come out to say hi to him
Jare:What? Me?No! 'Her dad dragged her out while they both enter the Living room even though Jare was forced to'Gold was busy on his phone while his dad was receiving a call when they came in, Gold raised up his eyebrows to look at who came in but he was shocked to see jare and her hair and she wonder why he was staring at her, suddenly something came to her mind that she loose her hair cause she was alone in her room and her dad dragged her out so she forgot to pack it up, immediately she quickly use some hair from her hair to round her hair anyhow and she was really ashamed that moment, Mr Samson end the call
Mr Samson:Gold this is jare she is Mr Gbenga's daughter
Mr Samson:she is attending our school now
Gold: Sounds great 
Mr Gbenga:We will go now sir
Mr Samson: Please do'Jare was the first to rushed out like a doll, Gold was only looking at her,Jare and her dad stood outside thier flat to talk
Jare:Dad why would you do that,you shouldn't have rushed me,you Know that I hate people to see my hair that way and beside you saw it that way you didn't tell me am sure you knew that I wasn't aware i would have pack it up
Jare's dad:I thought you want it that way
Jare:of course no Dad
Mr Gbenga:Is the boss son handsome?
Mr Gbenga:I was only joking, anyway am coming you can go inside I want to get something outside
Jare:Ok dad,'Her dad left', but how can a guy pierced his two ears, even though he is really handsome, everything about him is like prince just the way Torera said, but he is only more handsome than prince and he pierced two ears, whatever that is thier life, but come to think of it, the guy is too rude and arrogant in speech,what does he think of himself?,I have a lot to do in school tomorrow and I have to go to work I need to sleep early'As she was about to stepped in the house she heard a voice
Voice:Hey you,'She turn to look at who called her but she was surprised to see gold coming towards her with his hands in his pockets,she got freeze .
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