Only to realize it was my friend  Dennis.
My HD was crying in the arms of my friend saying "Dennis you said it, but I never believed you".

I couldn't interpret what I heard, so I paid no attention at all. I knelt down and held her legs in deep sorrow. I was begging like a little baby. All I heard was "Dennis please take me away from here. I don't want to hear any lies from him again".
I noticed my friend couldn't watch my face. He will not even mind me. All he did was to pull HD into her car. He sat in the driving seat and drove off. I was still kneeling,watching the back of the car until it was completely out of sight.

I quickly ran back only to find Queen naked in my room smoking. I shouted at her for the first time. Have you seen what you have caused?Have you seen?
Queen was only smiling and said, "King it's over for you can't you see?".

Your best friend has taken the Lady you love. My dad will also kill you if he gets to know you have broken my heart.
I was not bored with her father killing me. But what I was furious about was my best friend taking my love from me.

I asked her to repeat that part . She laughed and said king, I thought you were intelligent. So you didn't know your friend Dennis was interested in your so-called HD and will stop at nothing to have her?
That was it. I could not feel my breath again. Or let me say the air in my room was just not enough for me. I went into my room and locked myself in the shower. I sat down as the water was pouring on me. I was on earth but I could feel the heat of hell. Queen knocked and knocked, I did not even border to mind her. I spent hours in the shower. She could clearly see that I was not going to entertain her so she left after leaving a message that I will forever be her king. She will die rather than lose me.

I came out of the shower and changed. I decided not to drive because of the way I was feeling. I looked into the mirror and breathed in and out. I wanted to calm my nerves. My heart was beating at an abnormal rate. I said to myself I have not done anything wrong. And also Dennis cannot do this to me. He of all people knows how much I love my HD. And I have been a very good friend to him;helped him in soo many cases. So I told myself Queen was lying.

I took a taxi straight to HD's house. I got down and went inside the house. I was warmly received by her mum who asked me to sit.
Her mum obviously looking at my worried face asked. "Are you okay? Is everything okay?". I said to her mum all is not well, but i want to explain to HD first.

I spent almost 5hrs in the house and HD was not back. I called both her and Dennis but none of them answered. My heart will not leave me alone. Could Queen be right?

I decided to go to Dennis' place to check if they were there.
Upon reaching there I found both of them in HD's car driving out. Truth be told they nearly knocked me down in my attempt to stop them. I followed them in a taxi. Upon getting to the house,the security refused to let me in saying he was following instructions of HD.
I must start taking this issue serious. Its like am watching a movie. I can't feel my legs. I did what I could but the security guy would not allow. I even attempted to bribe him, but the fear of loosing his job was too great.

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So I stood at the gate. At least Dennis will not sleep there. In about an hour, my friend came out,smiling and looking good. Upon seeing me, he frowned his face.
I walked straight to him and said "Man! Whats happening". My eloquent friend was now struggling for words. My fast speaking friend has now turned a stamerer.
He was telling me that he came to cool down HD  so that she does not do anything crazy. My new stamering friend was saying he has everything under control so I should not worry.
I looked him straight in the eye and asked him. Who showed Queen my house. He was speechless. My heart was burning. I shouted Dennis how did Queen know my house. He realized I was hot so he started walking back. Before I realized my friend started runing away. I ran after him and held him by the shirt. Blood was fast pumping into my veins. I was shouting how can you do this to me. I wanted to punch the hell out of him but no. He was my friend and I needed an explaination from him. What actually was happening because it looked like I was dreaming. Dennis all of a sudden fell to the ground and was screaming. Please dont kill me. I bent to pick him up only for HD and her mum to tap me at my back.
HD's mum said King I am disappionted in you. I knew voltarians were not good,  I thought you were an exception but you have proved me wrong. HD was still crying and said mum "This is the devil I was worshiping like an angel"........

Watch out for the final Episode.

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