My phone started to ring and guess who it was?
It was Queen.  My HD hurried and brought me my phone. I began to sweat instantly and my hand began to shake. My HD wás just smiling and looking at me. How do i pick this call? Or what eccuse can i give for not picking the call? I was indeed very hot. She said 'Baby wont you pick the call am sure it might be work related'.
There i saw a rout of escape. I said bae i want to spend this precious moment with just you with no interferance from any body. Please off my phone.
She came close to me and planted a kiss right on my chick, then my lips. And then she said softly " You are the best thing that have ever happened to me. I love you with my whole soul".

My guilt was increasing. She trust me soooo much that she knows i can never hurt her. My heart will just not stop beating. She was talking and i was just looking into her eyes. Her smiles are soo perfect. I couldnt control the rate at which my heart was beating again so i stood up and raised her up. I placed a soft kiss on her lips and sent my face into her hair and started breathing into it. She stood still and also held me soo tight. I looked straight into her eyes and said I LOVE YOU MY HEART DESIRE.
She smiled and said "you already have my whole being. What again do you want me to offer to you baby. I love you more than my own life". We were still for minutes then she said please Mr. Gentleman my father will come and shot you if you dont take me home.
We both laughed. She served me my meal and we had a wonderful time together. It was 2am but i still have to drive her home.

What started like a play or a game is now starting to look very very real. Queen will simply not let me be. She was almost becoming like my shadow. My friends expecially Dennis was telling me to play both. He was like Queen will go back to the States in 2months time. So i should just play along. But no! It was getting out of hands.
Queen has falling deeply in love with me. I know i can no longer trust my friends to lead me out of this mess i found myself in. So i have to stratergize my way out.

I have warned my friends not to ever show Queen my house. So we normally meet at Joes place. Queen was getting worried why i dont want to take her home. But any time i get an excuse for her.

Any time i plan to tell Queen the truth for her to leave me alone, something will come up. I will end up leading her on the more.
There was one time i intentionally told her i will be marring soon. She gave me a serious look and said "King that can only happen over my dead body" i can see the gal was dem serious.
I faked a smile and said cant the king play with his Queen again? She smiled back and said i know you are joking,because it will only mean death if it happens to be true.

The Adventure has just began.....

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