I stand here today wondering how I got here. All was okay and fine, until that very mistake. A mistake that has left an everlasting sour in my heart. How I wish I could blame it on somebody, but no, there is no one to blame than myself.

She was all I could think and dream of. She was the light of my world. I could tell that her presence in my life gave me a proper definition of life.
She loved me so much that I can feel her heartbeat anytime she is even 100 meters away from me. I just knew she was the one for me. Am her Adam and she is my Eve. Am Abraham and she my Sarah.
She is like my pain killer. Even on my sick bed the only medicine that could cure me was her smile. Indeed she was my missing rib. The truth be told I will even kill my mum just for her. So I had no option than to call her HD(My HEART DESIRE).

I know that evil Friday the 23rd of July 2010 will forever remain the worst day of my life😢.
I was in the company of two of my friends Dennis and Joe. We were just walking around and making fun of things.

We met this lady, who looks very attractive and seductive. And as usual, boys make wild. We all started to say "waoooh" and the other naughty stuff that you can think and imagine. The lady came to pass by, with a kind of walk and eye to tell that she is aware that we have been caught by her seductive beauty.

So boys decided to try their luck. Denise went first to hit on the lady. She told Denise he is not her type. Angry Denise came back to complain that the lady was too proud.
As usual, boys laughed at him and he was left defenceless. He then bet an amount of 500gh on the lady. This was his actual words "If I am unable to get the girl, am sure none of you can get her". This gingered Joe to also make an attempt. He also went and failed. It was left with me. I could see the lady sitting down there and laughing at us🤣.
My friends were putting pressure on me to also make a move on her.
I told them I already have my HD. The lady after my own heart. They will just not get it. They called me a coward and said I have sold my 'madness' to my HD. They said I have lost my flair and can no longer be their Capon (Captain).
So I decided to show them that am still the King👑  they know. Their boss in almost everything.

The lady was looking straight into my eyes as I walk to her. As she can tell that I will also come and fool myself. She was only smiling. All my words just disappeared. What new am I going to tell her? I walked to her and sat by her side. I then told her she must be the daughter of the Devil himself for making all 3 of us fall for her at once. I told her we will all go and commit suicide if she turns all of us down.
She then started to laugh saying, you are very funny. I could now feel I was in a comfortable lead. I looked at her and said my friends have asked me to come and hit on you. So please if you don't want my disgrace please pretend I have won. She then increased her laughter and I joined her. Before I can say jack she started kissing me passionately as my friends watched in dismay.

I was actually lost myself. I  didn't know what was going on.
 My friends started to call all of my names. Capon, Bishop, Last Man Standing, the warrior, King etc.
She looked into my eye and said you are my type and I like you, I will spoil you. I stood there not knowing what to say looking foolishly and dumbfounded. She took my hand and sent me to my friends. And she said, "He is my King and I his Queen".  My friends Knelt down and said all hail his royal Majesty.
I was enjoying the fame but my heart was restless.

To be continued ........

King Machris

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