I know about them
Your feelings
of course I know about them
You never stopped saying them,remember?
You said it from dawn to dust
How I made you feel
How u felt incomplete if you never heard my sweet little voice
You are a prince charming,I know
That sweet melanin smile of yours
It's beautiful ,I told you,it's as beautiful as your soul is
But please don't make me keep saying it
Don't make me keep breaking your heart
I've been saying it for years
I can't give you a yes
I can't keep forcing myself
I don't want to keep lieing to myself
Nor to you
I find you attractive but am not attracted to you
Love isn't meant to be forced
Stop trying,dear friend,stop trying
I don't want to see you dying or crying
Don't make me keep saying it
I do not love you as you love me
But I love you
Just less than you do

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