We got a better education, so you can live better
There is better health care so you can live longer and have more offspring
Celebrate you are the dominant species, you have weapons deadly enough to conquer any beast
Communications have improved, talk to your family a hundred miles away
There hasn’t been a better time to be alive, live in the sky, we managed to build towers to reach heaven
Speaking of heaven, there are numerous religions competing to win your soul, the choice is yours though.

There are a lot of educated folks out there who are actually dangerous to society
You are giving birth to way too many offspring than the earth can sustain, you better reduce your population or no one will support you.
We've conquered all beasts and have now turned on each other, we tried to kill others so we reign supreme but that failed so we fit financial battles now.
You might be alien to your family and friends, communication technology has not replaced human contact and desire for affection.
We cheat and oppress others so we can construct buildings and sometimes they end up being death traps
We promise you heaven, but it doesn't come cheap. We may have to take your wealth from you.

Talents are being suppressed in the name of education
Dependency ratio is high because of aging societies, girls are being abused because there is a shortage of women.
A couple of million dead from wars, don't forget the millions hungry and displaced.
You may kill or be killed for the latest communication gadget
There are buildings available but you have to settle for the streets because they are expensive
Millions abused daily in the name of religion


Is that the new hip hop album?
Or is it the new sneakers?
Isn't that the name of a perfume?
Or is it some ancient technology?
It must be one of those scientific concepts then, no wonder I can't figure it out.
It definitely is some extinct species, cos if it existed I would have heard of it.

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