Enemies everywhere. Many of these enemies we don't even know. They keep fighting us day and night for no wrong at all. They seem to be everywhere stealing our joy from us. Doing things in secret just to make sure we are destroyed. The most annoying is, sometimes people we do good to, also fighting us secretly. People we help and call Friends.

I don't know if you have ever thought of the height you would have gotten to if not for this enemy fighting your Progress. How we would have used our God-given talents to do exploits. Hmmmmm but here we are as if we were born today with almost nothing to show 😢.

For a lot of us, life would have been a lot better without Enemies.

How nice it would be to have nobody eyeing your position at work, Nobody trying to destroy your marriage, No Spirit trying to fight your destiny and Progress in Life. Waoooh life would have been wonderful don't you think so?.

 What we don't even understand is the fact that we have prayed and prayed against them for years now, we have caned, shot, warned, fired, killed, scattered, buried them, etc, but these Enemies have refused to die.

I want to submit to you that Enemies are a must in life.
The very day you cease to have an enemy, you cease to exist.
Because your Progress is connected to your enemy.
When you are failing they are succeeding. If you are dying they are living. If you are drowning they are rising.
So you see, Life is a Battle. Life is never a playground.
Even the bible says we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood but against Evil forces.

Now let me tell you the Importance of your enemies
• They motivate you to Fight.
•Your Enemies force you to go the extra mile.
•They make you a warrior
•Your enemies make you never to be lazy.
•Your enemies make you very vigilant
•They make you wise and cause you to think outside the box.
•They make you not to follow the crowd.
•Our Enemies makes us careful with our words.
.Enemies make us prayerful and draw us closer to God.
In short, your enemies are meant to be the Driving force to your Progress in life.

But many of us have exalted our enemies, we have allowed them to put fear into us. One of the reasons why some of our Prayers are not answered is because we approach God in fear of our enemies. He said in his word Let us come Boldly before the throne of Grace. We must approach God with all confidence not in fear.

Now here is the thing, for every miserable person that suffered and died in his or her misery,
∆ That person allowed his/her enemy to win.
∆ That person has given his destiny to the enemy on a silver platter.
That person gave up when he should have been fighting.
That people settle for failure when he should have risen and Shine.
That people never believed and depended on God.

Apostle Paul said I have fought a good fight because he fought and won against his enemies.

Look Josephs Enemies(Brothers) thought they were selling him off to stop him from attaining his destiny. But their plots were actually the instruments he needed to achieve his Destiny. Ask your self, what if his brothers never sold him off or planned to kill him. Could he have gotten to Potiphar's house?
If also Potiphar's wife did not lie against him... would he have met the King's servant in Prison?.
You see you actually need your enemies than you can think of.

You just have to keep on fighting, keep on smiling at the storms and know that your God will never leave nor forsake you.
These is the secret to winning your battles against your enemies.
First You have to be prayerful and lean on God for direction in life. Have faith in God and know that even in your darkest time his working for your good.

Second Is your attitude towards people and problems. Always keep a positive attitude in all things. Never look for the easiest way out of your problems. Show love to even your enemies and I can assure you victory will be yours. Simply put Your Enemy is your Life.


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