A lot of Ladies longed after him but he refused to open the door.

He has locked himself to the point that not even the air of Love can get in.

There were times where I felt he should open up to some people but no, he won't. I even begged him, but this stubborn heart of mine simply would not allow them in.

Until the very moment, she walked in. I have to struggle to take my eyes off her. It was like a dream😍. It felt like I was 5 meters closer to God. The feeling was extraordinary.

Boom!!!! My stubborn heart just came out without permission.
The feeling was greater than an electric and magnetic force combined. But I decided not to obey my heart. The question was why now, and in fact why her.

I decided to ignore her for months. Decided to have a wrong impression of her. I told myself she was materialistic. But NO!!! my heart just won't go back.

So I had no choice than to approach her. Thinking that my heart will finally settle if only I spoke and got close to her. But now I realized that is was a bad move.
My heart now wants to come out of me. I just can't understand Why her. What at all is so special about her?

I wasted no time at all in fixing a date with her, then she told me in the sweetest voice ever"King am dating". I could feel the earth opening and swallowing me. It felt like Jonah been swallowed by the "big fish"

It has been weeks but my heart has refused to expect the fact that I can't be with her. My heart has refused to be disciplined.

The good news, however, is that am a good pretender, so I pretend all is okay. But only God can understand what I feel inside. My heart longs for her and I feel the pain.

The simple fact is My Heart had betrayed me and I will have to understand that I will live with it for a very very long time.💔

King Machris

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