Rapper, M.anifest released a new tune not too long ago and because of some lines in the song like,
"Tell dem say that you balling
How you get the groupies and the floozies when you're touring
Don't tell them ‘bout the hunger pains and studio recordings
Don't say I'm responsible now that right there is boring... 
Wear sunglasses everywhere
Club, hospital, even in the plane oh yeah
Do like you hate cameras
Even though you're photo-gbee
What's the big deal? Rappers lie everyday"

Many people thought he was throwing shots at Sarkodie once again after his godMc song.
Well, M.dot was on Citi FM and according to him, even Sarkodie knows his Rapper101 song isn't a diss song to him.
On Citi FM, he said,
” I’ve heard the assertions that it’s a diss song but I don’t think that even the person they feel it’s targeted at will think it’s a diss. So that’s most important.”
On whether he’s reached, he said,
“I haven’t scratched the surface of what I’m capable of but I believe I’ve put in the legwork to sustain it”
M.anifest also added ”My new album is ready, it’ll be out once all the business stuff is sorted out. ”

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