As a child, I looked forward to the next holiday, the next birthday, next Christmas. If there was a celebration then you would find me waiting in anticipation for that day.
I thought of life as one big celebration but as fate would have it, that idea was quashed.  loved ones passed away before I could blink my eyes. I was left with a broken heart and plans for birthday parties that would never happen.
One person's death could trigger situations you never even thought of. Within a year, friends became strangers, strangers became friends, family ...... well family is family. There are folks who spent almost every hour in our home but disappear and were replaced by people I've never seen before.
I  prefer not to talk about family because no matter how bad my family is, it is the only one I've got and no one has a say in the decision of which one to belong to. My family thought me both direct and indirect lessons for that I will forever be grateful.
I've been tagged as heartless by a lot of friends, but what does it mean to have a heart? Is it to shed tears when sad, lend a shoulder when a friend needs it or is it to have a smile on my face?  If the answer is yes then I do have a heart but I just stopped using it.
Most young people suffer one sad event and repress it so they don't even have to remember it but not me. I get to relive all the pain a lot of times, from dad telling a congregation about how bad our lives have been to folks telling others my story to others and the idiots walk up to me to confirm if it's actually true. Lived through that pain so much that it's even hard to cry. sometimes I hear a story and my brain goes like cry but what does crying change?
They say we should try and find the good in a person but today I tell you to treat a person the way he treats you. Don't take BS from people with the hope that they will change. Make sure you remind your loved ones how much you care always.
Remember no matter how well things are going, evil is bound to happen. It's not being pessimistic but rather realistic since it is a part of life. Just remember to enjoy the good whiles it last and in the midst of evil, remember there's good ahead.

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