When there is breath 
Then there was birth,
When there is birth 
Then there is hope for health,
When there is health 
Then there is wish for wealth
And when there is wealth 
Then there is hatred for death
But certainly, after birth 
Comes the mighty death.

It has no heart nor ears 
That’s why it doesn’t pity nor hears.
It can’t be stopped by laughter nor tears 
Neither can it be escaped by braveness nor fears
So let prepare ourselves before it appears.
It’s bestial, unstoppable and eccentric 
But it is the emblem of God’s power.

Let take heed before it visit.
When it visits, nothing can stop it
So we can only hope it doesn’t visit so fast 
Cos we have goals so plenty and vast
But surely, it will visit us at last.
We should expect it surprise visit
When we see sickness and gray hair.

It has or it will one day 
Steal our happiness,
Break our heart
Or perhaps pour on us much pain
But who are we to complain.
After all it is just carrying orders.

It makes no choice between male and female.
It neither care about name nor fame
Neither does it have respect for tribe and race.

Being either old or young,
Very huge or very small
Very short or very tall
Very pretty or ugly
The best or the worst
We are all naked to death.

We all have surnames
But our true surname is one
And it is called DEATH.
May we not die till God is pleased with us.
   By Abdallah Hudu Maiga.
      (Maiga de poet)

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