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1. Choose a Reference Image
If you're just getting started, a photograph is a great reference choice because it won't move or change on you as you work. Go with something basic like a flower or simple object.
2. Make an Outline
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Draw the basic shape of your
object, but don't worry about realism here. It's okay to take some liberties.
3. Add Tones and Textures
Once you're happy with your basic sketch, you can start filling in and refining your drawing. Evaluate your reference image for distinct textures to convey in your drawing.
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4. Differentiate between different textures
To show different textures within your sketch, you need to adjust your technique. "You wouldn’t want to shade skin the same way you shade metallics or fur. They each have unique properties and capturing that will elevate your drawings because of the accuracy depicted," says Von Rueden.
A good starting point is to consider if the texture is rough or smooth, and then if it absorb or reflects light. "A reflecting and smooth texture, such as chrome, usually has higher contrasts and prominent highlights, while an absorbing and rough texture like cotton has low contrasts and little to no highlight present," he continues.
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5. Refine Your Drawing
Finesse your drawing by using various pencil marks to shade and highlight certain areas . Using a variety of tones will suggest color even in a black-and-white piece. Start slow (you can always make an image darker, but making it lighter is more difficult) and pause every now and again to look at your image from a distance. It will help you determine what areas need more shading.
You can take the drawing as far as you'd like from this point, working it into a highly detailed work or leaving it more loose. Follow your intuition and make the drawing your own!
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About the author
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 Maher Othman Hassan Maarouf is an Egyptian artist who has great passion for art. He started his career not so long ago but is of the view that just as he was inspired by the works of great artist, he can cause others to discover their talent through his work. 
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