When you keep digging deep into the history of our ancestors, you will uncover lots of truth about them, which were actually reframed to make them look savage. We all know how much resources flooded this land in the ancient days. Our people had what ever they needed to survive and they actually took only what they needed from nature. 
In spite of all that was available to them, they cherished the woman above all. They actually thought that the woman was their greatest treasure. 
This issue may raise concerns depending on your view or your sentiments. But the fact that our ancestors held women high as the greatest value on earth is quite intriguing.
I don’t blame them because the woman in our ancient lands not only did so well in keeping a family together, but they also depicted cleanliness, love, beauty, strength when needed, and even though men brought food home, women made food edible, they soften the hardest hearts, they made clothing, and the greatest of all, they made children or at least that was what they thought. The fact that the woman carried children in their womb and gave birth was also quite intriguing to some tribes of our people . Some of our ancestors even worshiped women and saw them as goddesses. There is this stereotype that women were treated harshly by our ancestors which was never so. 
Like I said earlier, depending on your sentiments this maybe debatable, because our ancestors saw women as assets of the highest value. For example if one gave birth to a boy you are assured your wealth and property will be secured but when you give birth to a woman, your wealth has actually increased. They protected women at all cost because that was life itself. They understood that those where the people that brought life and made life go on. A woman on her period got to live in her own cottage for the whole period of flow. She is fed and wasn’t allowed to do any work. She only did personal chores like clean her own surroundings. A man who had daughters in our ancient lands was the most humble because, if he offends the gods or committed an abomination ie. (the worst crimes) he may be asked to pay with his daughters. His daughters may be taken away from him, not into captivity but to be added to the king, chief or priest’s bevy of ladies. These women who are taken will live a normal life but you may not be allowed to see them. 
Due to how much value men placed on women they actually gave so much just to have a single woman as a bride. Therefore having many wives meant that you are very rich or a blessed man. 
A father May give his daughter to you in exchange for your whole life as his laborer, in this case the groom may not have any other assets to give. Rich men may give cattle or lands and sometimes treasures of very high value in other to have just one woman as his bride, and they thought it was worth it because a woman in your life meant reproduction, love , comfort , peace, gain in wealth because you will have children who will help you build your wealth, you also get to become an ancestor to a generation. Women were simply “life”. Some other continents didn’t value women as much so you could just pick a woman and get married but it wasn’t like that at all with my ancestors. Women were the greatest value known to my people. 
Have they lost their value in this modern era ? 

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