To whom much is given much is expected. This is not just a statement but a way of life in my part of the world. Acquiring a degree and getting employed is not just a privilege that only a few people enjoy but a call to service.
It is easy for anyone to talk about how bad the services provided by civil servants are, but do we ever talk about what these workers have to endure to provide that service. After spending huge sums of money on education, graduates go to their workplace and find it under resourced and lacking the requisite technology to perform their duties yet they give their best to make sure things happen as they are suppose to.
Let me not remind anyone of their pain by talking about salaries because if salaries was something to look at, no one will work in the public institutions.
There are two groups of people who I admire a lot but unfortunately they are often at the receiving end of all sorts of insults. They are workers in the health sector and those in the security agencies. One doctor has to serve at least 200 patients every morning, expecting them to deliver a hundred percent is asking way too much. Do you have any idea the kind of stress that nurses, doctors and other health practitioners deal with on a daily basis? The kind of things they deal with daily takes atoll on their mental health just keep this in mind the next time you visit a hospital. The police to population ratio in Ghana is 1:816 and we even lucky because we are the 8th best police force in Africa. So just before you go on a rant about how bad the police force is, remember that one officer assigned to may serving another person or he might be directing traffic on a highway since it takes us years to fix a faulty traffic light and even much longer to construct foot bridges.
I can go on and on but I believe you get the picture. Before you criticise anyone try to
understand what they have to endure , but I know we all fall short of this, in psychology it is referred to as the fundamental error of attribution.
The truth is there are lots of public sector workers giving their best in order to make this country great, some even have to use their own resources in line of performing their duties.  Instead of always criticising them, try appreciating them for a change because they are patriots, heroes whose stories are never told.

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