What do you do when your world falls apart
When your secrets rip and tear at your heart?
What happens when the truth becomes a lie
When your own happiness you defy?
What do you do when the tears don't fall
When silence is the only answer to your call?
How do you cope with a pain that goes so deep
Like a knife piercing through your heart
When all you want is to lie down and sleep?
When you don't want to wake up to another day
When you're afraid of what everyone will say?
How do you hide yourself so no one can reach you
When the lies are no longer true?
What do you do when you can't bear sadness anymore
When the lies fall useless to the floor?
What do you do when the hurt is greater every time that you wake
When it's your own life that you want to take?
What happens when you can't bear the whispers you hear
When it's all collaborating with your deepest fear?
What do you do when you don't want the sun to rise
When it's just another day to bring tears to your eyes?
What do you do when you don't have answers to questions you ask
When your true feelings are hidden behind a mask?
When the tears fall freely and you don't try to hide
Only then do you realize the happiness you defied.
Life could be full of emotions, happiness may seem to be impossible.
Emotions could wrap the footsteps of happiness but it never ends there,
You might not understand it, but;

 Prince Quality

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