An era marked with great advances in science and technology, with the global GDP thrice it's value a century ago. One can say we have done well for ourselves, but is that really the case? Poverty and hunger still exist at significant levels despite the numerous success chocked.
The 2018 global hunger index indicates 124 million people suffer acute hunger vis-à-vis 80 million two years ago.  It baffles me that despite these figures we continue to waste food daily. Food waste or food loss is food at one point was wholesome for human consumption but is discarded. Food loss occurs at the various stages of food processing.
The concept of food wastage and food loss is often underrated, here is a coupleof facts you must know
One third of the food produced annually across the world is wasted (1.3 billion tons per year)
Industrialised countries waste  US$ 680 billion worth of food and developing countries waste US$ 310 billion.
Every year consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food ( 222 million tonnes) as the entire net food production in Sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tonnes)
The food wasted by Europe and North America alone can feed the entire world population.
The average individual in an industrialised country is at risk of being overweight whiles the average individual in a developing country is at risk of being malnourished.
One ton of food waste prevented can save 4.2 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent.
There's enough food produced in the world to ensure Zero hunger,however food keeps ending up on the dump sites instead of the bellies of those who need them. Preventing food wastage would ensure even the needy in society are able to afford a balanced diet. It will also help conserve our resources such as water ( 25% of water consumption is used in food production) and energies.
Simple acts such not taking more food than u can eat, not throwing away wilted produce will help heal our world by making sure everyone gets fed.
 #StopFoodWastage #FeedTheWorld  #DonateNotDump  #ZeroHunger

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