We cry for change day in and day out we cry. It's the first thing you hear when you wake and the last we hear before going to sleep. But that is all we do, we just talk but we seldom act to cause the change.
However I can't say change is absent on my continent. I've seen change.
I see countries cry out for their freedom and independence and when they finally get it, they start a civil war.
Oh yes, change does take place. We come together to fight against autocratic leaders because they are hindering the growth and development of our country and after the leader is ousted from power, we turn the country into a centre for modern day slave trade.
We cry for change, all over the continent we cry for an Africa beyond aid but what we actually do is change our trade destinations from one country to another.
We cried we were broke so we got together to mine precious minerals and now we can't even draw a cup of water from our rivers to drink.
Yes we cry for change, but is it to change the idea of change that we are accustomed to or it's just a cry to continue our old ways?

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