We fell unconscious in a butterfly filled world
Where a minute of one's absence left us in a whirl
A whirl of a world that seemed to have us trapped
Trapped in a world that hated affection
That which did everything to break connection
A world that sought to mould us into perfection
You were the only image my blurry eyes could discover
But our days where scheduled into long hours of reasoning
Set to improve ability
We had love without liberty
The boundaries that tore us apart are blazing flames that scorch
But we cared not but the love we sought
The night was the hardest
Because we sought to harness
the deepest part of our connection
Boarders broke affection
So we broke rules without thinking
But in our minds we were not at fault
So we were never caught
People are being expelled here and there
Yet under their very noses we were
In our own world of fantasy and dream
We had love without liberty

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