Isaiah 62:10-11, this scripture talks about a prophecy the Prophet Isaiah spoke to the people of Jerusalem concerning a new thing that the Lord had proclaim to do in their mist and in the verse 10, he was encouraging the people to rise and start preparing the way for the great and wonderful things the Lord is about to do in their mist.
In verse 11, the Prophet spoke of the proclamation the Lord has made to the ends of the earth concerning the ‘Daughter of Zion’. Literally, it can mean the Child of God. Before the Prophet told the people the intent of God, he asked them to do something which directly will pave a way for the Lord to fulfill his proclamation.
Whatever the Lord declares does not tarry forever, his words surely comes to pass but we at times do not see its manifestations because we occupy ourselves with so many imaginations and understanding that we don’t seek to know what the Lord will require us do to see his Hand at work.
The Lord has many blessings and Grace he wants to release upon his elect. He desire to pour his fullness upon the earth but how prepared are we to receive. There are a lot of things the enemy has stolen from us that we desire to recover and take victory over, yet we are not willing to block the path we paved for the enemy to come into our territory and stole from us, if Christ returns our stolen blessings, what’s the guarantee that is will not be stolen again.
Individually we bear prophecies of the Lord upon our lives that we lay in wait for its manifestation but the truth of the matter is, nothing is done in expectation of its fulfillment. Just like Man and woman ready to marry without any preparation, physical, spiritual and mental, what is the guarantee that this marriage will survive till ‘Death do us Apart’?
The Prophet told the people, ‘Pass through, pass through the gates!’ – think through your life and note the potholes, the gutters, the damaged bridges in your life then ‘ Prepare the way for the people (stolen blessings and possessions)’ – clear all the stinking gutters, fill in the potholes and repair the damaged bridges with the words of God for the return of all you have prayed and fasted for, ‘ Build up, Build up the Highway’- live a righteous life so the road into your life will be broad and smooth enough to receive the out pour of the Lords blessings and favors, ‘Remove the stones’ –  do away with every humanly built obstacles and hindrances thus sin and guiltiness , then ‘Raise a banner for the Nations’ – give the people surrounding your life one identity. The identity of being a new creation.
By this preparation the proclamation upon ‘Daughter of Zion’ will not tarry but will come into its full manifestation that the name of the Lord shall be Glorified and exalted by all the earth.

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