God, whether you believe in him or not is at the center of human behavior and relations. I choose to believe in him but all who follow my blog will attest to the fact that I seldom write about my faith. I’m writing this article to point out certain things I’ve observed.
“We watching the news in our living rooms on our big screens and talking if God is real where is He? Is it the same God we claim might not real but becomes real to us when we are dying in bed?” (NF, 2016)
Most devote Christians will agree with NF. We live in an era where people choose to ignore God but are quick to question him whenever something bad happens but “It’s hard to answer prayers when nobody is praying to you” (NF, 2016). In a time where restrictions are placed on when and where you can preach, it’s hard to really impact our generation with the gospel.
However some people have defied the odds and spearheaded the propagation of the gospel, however a lot of those who hear the message have lots of questions and lots of doubt, unfortunately they are classified as blasphemous when the voice out their concerns. “You gave me the bible and expected me not to analyze it?” (Hopsin, 2014).  Christianity can be very confusing at times since we are taught to analyze facts and appropriately scrutinize everything.
“There is way too many religions with vivid descriptions begging all men and women to listen” (Hopsin,2014) we have to admit that with so many people teaching so many different religions, new converts are bound to be confused and need nurturing, because even Christianity has so many sects with each trying to outwit the other. We must respect that people are tenacious and will consider all possible explanations. “My thoughts keep picking things apart all day” (Hopsin, 2014).
I want to draw your attention to the fact that people don’t lash out at religion because they are against it, but because they lack understanding. People are filled with questions that need answers “Where is the Holy Ghost at, how long does it take a man to find it? Is heaven real, is it fake, and is it truly how I fantasize it?” (Hopsin, 2014). Keep in mind that they are in search of a relationship and may not feel like they have a personal connection with God. “I try crying to you but I and you don’t have that type of bond”
In Acts 8:28-40 we learn that the Apostle Philip had to explain the scriptures to an Ethiopian Eunuch. When asked if he understood what he read the Eunuch gave an answer that I find very interesting, he said “How can I, unless someone explains it to me”. Today I ask you the same thing, how can the people understand unless it is explained to them.
Instead of lashing out at them let us follow the example of Apostle Philip and help them answer the question that bothers them. Use your relationship with God and the understanding you have to benefit your generation instead of looking down on them and calling them names.


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