Ghana is a very youthful country, which means our future is bright in terms of human resource. But what happens when so much of the youth abuse harmful drugs?
Drugs that will probably render most of them useless in the future. That means even though we have so much youth in the system,  we actually have nothing to be proud of in the coming years because majority of the youth may be unable to work or commit to work. I'm not writing from a statistical stand point but rather of intuition.  It pays to use the traditional way of thinking sometimes you know. I feel this sudden urge to tell my fellow youth how bad we are turning out to be.  One famous Ghanaian writer Mr. Armah once wrote, "the beautiful ones are not yet born" . He strongly suggested that his era was a bad time, where most people indulged in corruption and so much of the illegal that the country failed to progress at a steady pace if not at all. He also made the point that in the future there will be the birth of the "beautiful ones" . This meant that, the country is going to be filled with incorruptible young people,  who will work hard to lift the country to the standard. People who will put their nation and people first in all things. People who will love their nation and culture so much that it will be impossible to ruin.  Mr Armah hoped that such beautiful people will one day make up this country and yet it's been fifty years and I've not realise the birth of this wonderful incorruptible and clear minded era.
My time and era could have passed as a potential era of the "beautiful ones" but our issue with drug abuse is too much. I may know why people choose to abuse drugs,  but I don't know how they feel about it. What they have gone through or what so ever.  Here at oasis Ghana, we are very particular about educating,  and fighting against drug abuse amongst the youth of our dear motherland and the world.  Let's make Mr.  Armah's wish come through by eradicating drug abuse from our era so we can have a positive attitude towards national building and development.  Drugs are wonderful, reduce stress, makes one happy and confident as told by most drug addicts yet the end of it all could be a painful death or even worse. And believe me there is something far worse than death so beware of drugs.

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