There is a standard placed on all aspects of the human life that is how we measure success, failure, conformity, obedience, deviance and all other things that we think of. We fail to realize this but majority of our daily decision is based on standards set by others. I’m not downplaying choice and free will in our decision making but I want to draw attention to how we assess our actions.
The first thing I will talk about is social order, the society plays a major role in the socialization of individuals. The society teaches what is acceptable and what is not. How we describe behavior is based upon the meanings that society ascribe to the behavior. Have you ever wondered how we consider some people as successful while others are considered as failures?  Growing up I was taught that “all fingers are not equal” which means that people differ and are unique in their own way. Which leaves me to wonder how success is measured.
We all know at least one person who is always seeking public approval or will never engage in certain activities because of the society might say. If you have ever disrespected such a person I will urge you to go and apologize because no matter how much you try to deny it you are just the same. Even if you do everything in order to be known as deviant you are still sticking to the same standard. I used to pride myself that I was different and never followed the standard of the society. Whenever I was described as different it gave me joy but recently I came to the realization that the only reason why people even see a difference between their lifestyle and that of mine was because the compared it to a known standard.
Like I stated earlier there is a standard on all aspects of life but don’t despise this because this standard makes us different. The difference in standards of various societies is based on the standards they set for themselves. Recognize the standard in your society and work on going beyond it but in your quest never lose sight of the standard.

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