Nowhere cool as the title of this piece states, is a local pidgin term in my beautiful and ever growing nation. It is just a term used by the local boys to mean that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush, and to explain further, one can also say that, with every situation you find yourself, there is definitely someone out there who is in a worse situation.
Life has always been like that since the beginning and since the beginning, people have always tried to elevate from their obvious situations.
Well I am not saying that trying to change your situation is wrong, what I am trying to mean is that developing your current situation is better than just discarding it just to seek greener pastures.
Human beings are adaptable creatures yet we forget this concept in most of our relationships. Also we can’t have perfect people in our lives. If you believe someone loves you and will do anything for you as a friend or lover. Why do you leave them when they make a mistake? How sure are you that the next person is as perfect as you want everyone to be.
In society, we turn to have so many of our people moving to Europe, America and other places seeking greener pastures. Well these people can’t be blamed because you never know what they have been through, but what I am concerned about is the fact that our people never think to develop their home. They carry human resource and labor to a foreign land and leave their own land to die out. The people out there make it known to us that they don’t want us in their country yet we keep intruding. My people keep dying everyday in a foreign land from all sorts of abuse and attack.
Stay home where you are loved or at least where you have the upper hand and work hard to develop yourself and your home. You are not going to be the first or the last to do that.
Nowhere cool! This term makes so much sense when you think about it.  Is it in human nature that we always don’t want what comes to us naturally ? Thick and tall people wishing they were smaller while smaller people wishing they were thicker and taller. Its probably just curiosity you know. Maybe the mind just drives us to change what we have for the other just out of curiosity then later regret or miss your old situation. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. You are what you are and home is always home , make the best out of your situation and don’t discard it completely.

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