"Use your common sense" this was the reply you will get when you make a mistake, so for many years in my life common sense was held in high esteem and was synonymous to wisdom, but all this changed quickly when my tutor asked "which sense is common?" She asked us a simple question and to her surprise no one in the class could support their answer with scientific facts. So for a while now I've been paying attention to science in my everyday life, not just because I want to pass my examination but I want to find out how science has come to be the most trusted and reliable source of knowledge.
I've come to realise that science is more common than common sense itself and provides the same body of information across the world and is easily accessed. It is also able to offer explanation for a lot of phenomenon which was shrouded in mystery and spirituality. But a glance at my society makes me wonder if science could be wrong.
Psychologist theorise that people who are educated and also those who engage in religious activities will delay in engaging in sexual activities. However this is not the case, you can find more students engaging in sexual activities with some even dropping out of school as a result of pregnancy. A survey conducted by the Ghana Demographic Health has revealed that 44 percent of young people have sex before age 18. The  church and other places of worship is used as a place to pick up  ladies.
Also, it was predicted that the advancement of science and technology will lead to a fall in religion and various religious activities but this is the other way around in my community. People are dying and being abused in churches and prayer camps from diseases that are curable. It is sad to see people engaging in activities that are harmful to their health and people tend to lose their lives in such acts.
Could it be that what we call science is different from that of other parts of the world or is there a variable in my part of the world which was not taken into account in the various scientific researches? Or are people just tenacious and unwilling to give up their old ways? Have people thrown out their "common sense" Or  is science just wrong?


  1. People have thrown away their common sense. They are just refusing to think. They lack common sense and logical reasoning. The bible even says lack of knowledge my people do perish.

  2. No logical or reasonable human being will lie down for a speaker to be placed on you or drink detergents in the name of healing that is why science has brought about common logical reasoning


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