Polygamy as explained by google as the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. This practice even though has become uncommon in most developed countries , it used to be one if the leading customs of the ancient and middle ages. It represented wealth and power on the part of the man. Great men, including most from the Holy book practiced polygamy. The greatest amongst them,the said King Solomon , believed to have possessed wisdom overall men had more wives than the number of women in a big community.


I have come to believe that its a natural instinct in men to want to keep a lot of women close and happy.
Well enough about the past for now , and lets focus on modern polygamy. As you all know, this practise has been frowned upon by most people. Women perceive it to be degrading and Undermining. Also the financial burden of caring for two or more wives could be perishing for most men.
But since human beings are adaptable creatures, men have found a way to keep polygamy running in the 21st century. I am yet to meet a man who is looking to make more friends of the same sex than the opposite , no way only women do that. The modern man enjoys talking to different women and making them happy, listening to their issues and finding solutions to them.
The modern man can keep up to three conversations with different women running smoothly in his chats, some of them can even do that with five women. It has been around since the beginning of the human race that men enjoy the company of different women. Its a natural instinct embedded in the core of men so deep it can never leave you no matter how civilization moulds men .it is a  survival instinct that looks to protect women from danger, it ensures that men look to put the lives of women first in terms of danger and protect them at all cost.
Nature made it so, just as women are numerous. Men find it their duty to keep a lot of them close and under their protection. Today’s laws and forms have left a lot of women vulnerable and in harms way.
 The modern man cannot have a five minutes casual chat online or by call with his fellow man or best friend unless it involves business, no way men do not do that only women do that amongst themselves. The modern day man cannot have many women under his roof. No way they cant ! But they can have as many in their contacts list. They will keep asking how they are every day and keep helping out as much as they can. Its a natural instinct in men and it has and will always be there for as long as the human race exists. It will always evolve and never go away.

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