Ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at our society. I hope you like what you see. Congratulations if you do, I will entreat you to do your best to keep it that way, better still, develop it even more. On the other hand if the society you saw has a lot of issues that needs to be addressed then you have a lot to do because what we see today will shape our future as the saying goes “the apple does not fall far from the tree”.
     The future of our society is not going to get better with time, it will rather get worse. For a better future conscious effort must be made. Lamarck’s theory of use and disuse says that individuals lose characteristics they do not use or require and those used are strengthened and passed down unto their offspring. We can deduce that that our society which is breaking away from its culture and values, has a high rate of corruption, high crime rate, poor health care and education and youth that abuse substance will be passed unto the next generation.
   Surprisingly most people seem not to be bothered or are people just ignorant of the situation? Most parents are of the view that by providing their wards with quality education and training them according to the teaching of their religion they have nothing to worry about. Sorry to burst your bubble if you also believe in that notion but the child doesn’t stay home forever, he will encounter different children from different backgrounds in school. Let’s not also forget the fact that in the quest to provide the very best for our wards, we leave them at the mercy of care givers who may be of different faith and the society at large. Yes, the same society you refuse to influence.
   Streetism, a growing phenomenon in my part of the world but it is not attracting the attention it deserves. In Ghana alone there 90,000 street kids, these children often stay out of school in order to beg for alms on the streets. Have you ever wondered what they do when they are too old to beg on the streets? They engage in all forms of social vices in order to make a living. The sad part is some engage in sexual activities and give birth. Increasing the population on the streets and continues the cycle of poverty. There are also rural folks migrating to our urban centers for greener pasture who also end up on the streets
   You may think what is going on is not part of your business, what do you think will happen when you get all the wealth you desire and there is a high rate of poverty and inequality in the society? What sort of society do you want your children to grow up in?
   You have a dream of a society, I’m only asking you to make that dream a reality by sharing your faith with others, get involved in the governance of your community, donate a little of your time and resources to the development of your society. The change you want to see doesn’t occur overnight, it begins today.

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