The human mind is one place, from my perspective , cannot be studied. Various fields like neurosciences and psychology can try as much as they want but I believe they have not put a nail on a fact that expresses absolute knowledge on behaviour and cognition of the human mind. I mean a lion has being hunting and killing prey the same way for centuries , a gorilla's tradition and customs have been the same for centuries.
But the human mind keeps evolving and it keeps changing its cognition over time . Even the way we walk has not been the same over time.

The human brain is unique to animals and human beings themselves.

     Anyway this piece is not meant to explain the human mind. I already said that is impossible. I want to put it to light the fact that as unique as the human mind is from other animals, it is also unique among human beings . And such great minds should not be for granted. Through out the course of time also , such unique minds have changed the course of the world.
These people did the extraordinary , performed differently from everyone else and brought absolute change in the lives of others.  One of the oldest of such great men was/is the messiah Jesus Christ. A man who brought absolute change to a religious body that stood for years. He brought so much insight and light and even his own people rejected him,  thinking he was up to no good. They had hatred for him and finally murdered him cold bloodedly with foreign aid. We can also think of the a great man like Lincoln who stired the lives of American men by fighting so hard for peace and democracy but was also said to have been assassinated by his own people. Someone like the great Martin Luther King Jr who brought so much hope to the black lives of in America was also finally killed in cold blood. But before these people stood up and raised their voices for change , everything else was in the wrong.  But now thanks to Dr Lincoln America understands the essence of democracy and unlike the past when they burnt women suspected to be witches, the Christian body are free to do a lot more with their lives in the name of the new testament and black lives actually matters in the United states now thanks to Martin Luther King . Even though these great minds were assassinated , their work and legacy still lives on and is still having an impact in people's lives as of today .
       Have you ever asked yourself ," what if Steve Jobs was never born" ?
Would you be craving for the Iphone X today?  What if people like Thomas Edison , Mathew Cherry , and Frederick Jones were never born into existance . I think their inventions would not have existed because that piece of knowledge was unique to their minds alone .

Black lives actually Matters now

What if Mathew A Cherry was never born ?

     The main reason for writing this piece and for the title is to rub it in the face of black Africa that we had our chance.
Many times we had our opportunity and we failed to clinge unto it. Great minds like our very own Dr Kwame Nkrumah who fought so hard to deliver independence and pave the path for other nations to follow. He had a great thirst for development and nation building, he wanted to unite all black Africa for the greater good of it.  He had a vision so sharp he even saw 50 years ahead of his  peers when he said that "Africa will continue to suffer unless we unite " ,he also mentioned the economic exploitation of Africa and the never ending request of foreign aid. Disregarding his strong will to make black Africa great again , his own people including the whole of africa didnt see his efforts until he was assassinated. Yet we are too stubborn to put aside our pride and force his legacy into existance . We still havent united and we are still applying for foreign intervention in almost all our affairs .

We have had Great men

Now lets look at another great mind in his Excellency Muammar Gaddafi. Well you can say all you want about his cruelty and what not, Ivan the terrible was worse yet some part of Europe still celebrate him for delivering them from their enemies.
Muammar Gaddafi had a vision to transform his home and all of Africa. His progress was clear and evident for everyone to see. People who visited Libya during his time , described the country as paradise on earth. Yet his own people sold him out to be murdered in cold blood. Africa has had so many special minds in leadership positions over the years . Yet they keep dying before their work can be completed .
Is it us or do we have an enemy out there working against our progress ? Is it the case of "I will take away my brother's resources and spoon feed him in other to make him lazy and make me progress ahead  " type of scenario ?
I am done talking , i want to give up but i can not .Africa has had all the means to progress but we are not holding on .  We keep fighting an enemy out there yet the enemy is within us .
Love your roots and your skin . That is what you are . No amount of change to yourself will make any progress to your roots . The change should start from your roots rather .
Dont polish your self and hope to be seen differently . You are where you come from. So make where you come from who you are.


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