”I haven’t thought about death in a while” this statement sounded ironic because it was said by an individual who was engaged in high risk activities. For a moment I was baffled because I could just not understand how someone who could die from a small mistake utter such words.

However, I understand it now, death is inevitable but the thought of death is a luxury only those who do not face death can afford.

I had the chance to attend a funeral recently and had the first hand experience or should I say a refresher course on the pain left behind when a loved one passes away. The dignitaries that graced the funeral coupled with the tears shed by loved ones got me thinking, what will my funeral look like, will I have made an impact in the society, will tears be shed in memory of the things I’ve done for folks or will it just be another day.

I do not fear death, for death comes to all of us one way or another but before then, how can I make the best of the life I’ve been given

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