The journey to greener pastures was one we prayed and worked towards without rest, upon receipt of the news that we had been chosen to embark on the journey, we celebrated with our loved ones and anyone who would listen. One could hear our cheers miles away from our cottage, we wore a smile all day and all night, there was a bounce in every step we took and we were more confident than our most esteemed warriors. We felt like we were on top of the world.

Not long after our journey began, we realized the error of our ways. We had only prepared for the destination not the journey, our new found exuberance was the very thing that would lead to our downfall. Our differences were very clear, we all wanted the same thing but each of us had a different view of how to get there. We each cut out a part of our boat to make oars to paddle to our destination, as you can imagine our boat sunk.

Nothing wakes up a man like having your life flash before your very eyes. We may not have had the boat anymore but we were more conscious of our situation.

Afar we looked like a force to be reckoned with but within we were just sad and lonely, trying to carry the burden of our families on our shoulders. The loud screams that scared folks from our party was the passing away of compassion, empathy and all those little things that made us human. Right now we feel lost in the world.

Our journey is not yet over, however massive change is evident, we are no longer as naive as when we set off, we are no longer individuals but a body of men who look out for each other, allegiances are being built and the future promises to be exciting.

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