PCG-Shalom YPG Fafraha District

To know His will and to do it 
I mean to know evil and to avoid it                                                                   
This is an easy task or at least it used to be                                                                       
As kids, we achieved this voluntarily or through forced prayer and meditation
We are no longer kids and there's nobody to force us anymore,
And with each passing day our vision of your will becomes blurry.

To follow you, we must carry crosses
The devil is out here offering a bed of roses
We've travelled for long, the road has been bumpy and the journey has left us weary
A bed is quite tempting.

Yes, we do recognize temptations
We know there will be hell to pay if we fall for one
But there are bills to pay, tithes to pay, families to feed and pledges to redeem
We haven't found money in the mouths of fishes, guess those species are now extinct.

Service all the way, how am I to serve when I've not eaten for days
The stomach pains are unforgiving, hope you remember
Off course you do, You even cursed a tree cos it bore no fruit
There are no trees to curse anymore for they produce fruits in abundance
The problem is our empty purses.

Our Father who art in Heaven, we seek not plenty
But if possible could this cup pass us by.
NO!!! I thought so too, can you send us our very own Simon
To help wit the cross. It seems to be getting heavier with each step.               

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