No Cap I hate November, it has nothing to do with the month itself but it just happens that I'm often at my worst in November but that's about to change because this year I'm going to talk about it . Hopefully that works. So let's begin with the therapy session.

The first thing I would like to talk about is regression.  I heard a lady say her boyfriend is acting childish all of a sudden, she was so furious, the sad part is she was doing this in a troski. In my opinion she was too loud and a troski was not the place to discuss such matters. that didn't stop me from saying a prayer for the guy though, felt so bad for a guy I didn't even know because  I understood the amount of stress and pressure that would cause a man to regress.

For those who are not familiar with the term regression, it is a defense mechanism where an individuals personality reverts to an earlier stage of development, adopting more childish mannerisms. For instance one might engage in activities that the used to enjoy as children. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, regression is a flight from unsatisfactory reality.

Yes, I must admit that jumping to the conclusion that the boyfriend of the lady was regressing is wrong and might actually be me projecting my own regression.

Remember in the first paragraph I stated I hated November because I'm always in an awful mood. A couple of years ago my mum passed away in November, I'm stating this now because it will be the underlying topic throughout the sessions and I feel a lot of what will be discussed stems from this particular incident. I probably hurt a lot of people this time of the year than any other year, I guess the claim that people who are hurt often hurt those around them just to feel better might be true.

I've been listening to more hip hop than usual, I'm in the mood to attend any event apart from church events. I will write more on church in another session. A part of me wants to believe my inner extrovert is bursting out but deep down I know I'm actually regressing to days following mom's death where I streamed a lot of hip hop and moved from one family friend's house to the next. I can match most of my actions to something I did around that time.

It's not all bad news because I've got a great support system made up of family, friends ( who are amazing by the way, although I never tell me.) and strangers. hopefully I write enough so I get to explain the impact of strangers. I'll end this session here and hopefully I'm able to write another soon. 

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